Niagara Networks increase capacity of its threat detection security stack

Niagara Networks has unveiled that Niagara Networks’ 3808E multifunctional Hybrid Packet Broker solution introduces a full lineup of the 40G and 100G BiDi bypass capabilities to enable ultra capacity over an existing infrastructure and flexibility across data center deployments.

The 3808E multifunctional Hybrid Packet Broker increases operational efficiency and enables always-on high-availability of complex inline cybersecurity tools.

With the new capabilities of Niagara Networks’ solution, data center operators will not need to add optical fiber to their cable infrastructure to increase the security stack capacity, thereby adding complications to their upgrade process (not to mention adding substantial costs to the required CAPEX).

“Our customer-driven visibility solutions continue to lead the industry and serve our customers,” said Andr√© Vink, Vice President Products, of Niagara Networks.

“The new capabilities of the 40G/100G BiDi Bypass solution sets another record of 400% higher density of bypass segments per single rack space for 40/100Gb networks versus other alternatives in the market. We continue to empower NetSecOps with ultimate flexibility, high performance, and carrier-class high availability to serve and secure their organizational digital assets by enabling simplified deployment as a single modular hybrid platform with low TCO.”, Vink continued.

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