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Office 365
Office 365 users targeted by phishers employing simple HTML tricks

Phishers are using a simple but effective trick to fool Microsoft’s NLP-based anti-phishing protections and Office 365 users into entering their login credentials into …

Office 365
How can Office 365 phishing threats be addressed?

With the rapid expansion of Office 365, more and more threats can emerge within its infrastructure, particularly via email. This is due in part to the size and ease of …

Office 365
How to protect Office 365 data from ransomware attacks

Given the broad scope of services Microsoft Office 365 provides, it’s no surprise it has become one of the company’s fastest growing revenue streams. Widespread …

Office 365
Flaw in Office 365 with Azure AD Connect could result in domain compromise

The Preempt research team has uncovered a vulnerability with Microsoft Office 365 when integrated with an on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) using Azure AD …

Office 365
Office 365 adoption drivers, risks, and opportunities

Over 1,100 organizations ranging from single-person businesses to companies with more than 10,000 employees participated in a survey from various regions around the globe …

Office 365
KnockKnock campaign targets Office 365 corporate email accounts

Researchers uncovered KnockKnock, an attack on Office 365 Exchange Online email accounts, originating from 16 countries around the world and targeted organizations in …

Office 365
Office 365 account compromise attempts on the rise

Office 365, Microsoft’s software-as-a-service productivity software suite popular with corporate users, is increasingly becoming attackers’ preferred way into …

Google, Microsoft increase bug bounties

Bug hunters, rejoice: both Google and Microsoft have announced a considerable increase of the amount they will pay out for information about bugs in their products. Google ups …

Office 365
Corporate Office 365 users hit with clever phishing attack

Corporate Office 365 users are being targeted by phishers using a clever new trick to bypass email filters and the default security protections of the Microsoft service. The …

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