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Passwordless authentication is here ​now​, and it is vastly superior to using a password

Mirko Zorz, Help Net Security’s Editor in Chief, recently published ​an article about the state of passwordless authentication​ that predicted a long journey before this …

Regulations are driving innovation toward an identity layer on the Internet

The security community often points to the inherent lack of an encryption layer on the Internet as a factor behind many of the related threat vectors. The decentralized nature …

The rise of biometrics and passwordless security

Whether you realize it or not, our current era of mobile and cloud computing can be defined, both positively and negatively, by shared secrets. Shared secrets — passwords, …

True passwordless authentication is still quite a while away

The password has been one of the great inventions in the history of computing: a solution that allowed simple and effective identity and access management when the need arose …

Insecure password memory aids: A passwordless future could be the solution

There is a readiness for passwordless security methods such as biometrics, with 70% workers believing biometrics would benefit the workplace, according to Okta. The …

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