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Fuxnet malware: Growing threat to industrial sensors

In this Help Net Security video, Sonu Shankar, Chief Strategy Officer at Phosphorus, discusses how Blackjack’s Fuxnet malware should be a wakeup call to industrial operators …

Researchers trick autonomous car autopilot with phantom images

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s (BGU) Cyber Security Research Center have found that they can trick the autopilot on an autonomous car to …

Attackers can steal smartphone users’ PINs by tapping into data collected by mobile sensors

Researchers have demonstrated that a malicious website or app could work out smartphone users’ PINs or passwords based just on the data collected by various motion …

UnifyID’s ingenious user authentication platform wins Innovation Sandbox Contest

A panel of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and large security companies selected UnifyID from a group of 10 finalists as the winner of the Innovation Sandbox Contest at RSA …

Hacking and manipulating traffic sensors

With the advent of the Internet of Things, we’re lucky to have researchers looking into these devices and pointing out the need for securing them better. One of these …

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