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supply chain compromise

Attackers breached Statcounter to steal cryptocurrency from users

Web analytics company Statcounter and cryptocurrency exchange have been compromised in another supply-chain attack, which resulted in an unknown number of …

VestaCP users warned about possible server compromise

Unknown attackers have compromised the official distribution of the VestaCP hosting control panel solution to harvest server IPs and admin credentials. That information was …

Knowing how to define, screen and monitor your third parties is essential to minimizing risk

A new NAVEX Global survey found that more than a third of organizations still use paper-based records or disparate office productivity software to administer their third-party …

Securing the supply chain: Organizations need best practices in proactive security

CrowdStrike announced the results of its global supply chain survey, Securing the Supply Chain, produced by research firm Vanson Bourne. The study surveyed 1,300 senior IT …

Orangeworm hackers target healthcare corporations

A hacking group dubbed Orangeworm has been targeting, either directly or indirectly, international corporations operating within the healthcare sector, Symantec researchers …

MacOS Proton backdoor delivered via Trojanized media player app

A Trojanized version of Elmedia Player software for Mac was available for download for who knows how long from the developer’s official site, ESET researchers have …

Hackers behind CCleaner compromise were after Intel, Microsoft, Cisco

There is a new twist in the CCleaner hack saga: the attackers apparently didn’t set out to compromise as many machines as possible, but were after some very specific …

Hackers backdoored CCleaner, likely affecting millions of users

Legitimately signed but backdoored versions of the popular CCleaner utility were available for download from the developer’s Web site and servers for nearly a month, …

Android malware
Android devices delivered to employees with pre-installed malware

A test of Android devices used in two unnamed companies revealed that 38 of them were infected with malware before being delivered to the employees. These were smartphones by …

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