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Preventing software security vulnerabilities with automation

A team of UTSA researchers is exploring how a new automated approach could prevent software security vulnerabilities. The team sought to develop a deep learning model that …

electric vehicle
What is opening EV charging stations to cyberattacks?

As the number of electric cars on the road grows, so does the need for their electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and the internet-based managing systems within those …

Security risks for e-scooters and riders exposed

Micromobility vehicles, such as e-scooters, zip in and out of traffic. For this reason, micromobility is seen as an alleviating trend to help tackle traffic congestion. …

Could lighting your home open up your personal information to hackers?

Earlier this year Amazon’s Echo made global headlines when it was reported that consumers’ conversations were recorded and heard by thousands of employees. Now …

Digital Defense and UTSA partnership to further enrich the students’ cybersecurity education

Digital Defense and The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Department of Computer Science jointly announced a partnership that will provide students and faculty with …

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