Anyware Technology Introduces Two New Network Security Products

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 10, 2001–Anyware Technology:


— The EverLink(R) SRAC (Secure Remote Access & Control) Server

1.0: Fully functional without any client software

installation, the SRAC Server supports a broad range of

network applications, platforms and protocols, and won’t cause

any changes to existing firewalls.

— The EverLink CA (Certificate Authority) Server 1.0: With the

PKI compliant CA Server, certificate application, distribution

and management have just become easier.

Anyware Technology has announced two new additions to its fine line of software-based, network security products: the EverLink SRAC Server and the EverLink CA Server.

EverLink SRAC Server

This product provides secure remote access through PKI authentication for both server and user, and encrypted data channels up to 168-bit Triple-DES. It supports many application layer protocols such as Telnet, Lotus Notes, X Window, PCAnyware, Citrix and other legacy terminal emulations, as well as database applications such as Oracle and Sybase. The Server works on all platforms that support a Java Virtual Machine. The system requires no client software but works on any Java-enabled browser such as Microsoft(TM) Internet Explorer and Netscape(TM) Navigator.

The applications of the SRAC Server are astounding — consider the fact that with this server, a businessman can securely access his documents, e-mail and corporate database through the Internet while on a trip. In another instance, a doctor can securely access her patients’ records on the hospital mainframe database from her home or remote clinic through typical user interfaces, which, in most cases, are legacy terminal emulations.

The application service providers (ASPs) can provide services securely to any corporate customer without changing the customer’s firewall setup, and system integrators can securely maintain their customer’s hardware/software remotely.

With such a broad range of uses, the simplicity of this product is amazing. IT administrators will find that the SRAC Server frees them from the difficulties inherent with installing and maintaining client software on a user’s computer — a problem so common with VPNs. Also, unlike an IPSec VPN server, when installing the SRAC Server, information security managers do not need to make any changes to their firewall policies.

With the SRAC Server, the user’s access right is controlled on a per protocol and per server base, which regulates who can access which server, and via what protocol. More restricted access control, if desired, can be accomplished when the user is not on the corporate intranet.

EverLink CA Server

With the 100% PKI compliant CA Server, a corporation becomes its own certificate authority, issuing digital certificates based solely on corporate criteria. This provides an organization complete control over certificate issuance and management. And, because it’s an in-house CA, it can be easily personalized to meet specific corporate security needs such as different periods of validity for different kinds of certificates.

The Server uses a segmented Certificate Revocation List to optimize the network performance. Furthermore, this is the only server that the company has found on the market that issues certificates in English as well as in Chinese characters.

With this software, a company that may have several LANs globally, can now form one secure WAN by using the CA Server without even regularly synchronizing the user database. With full control and management of certificates, a company can link all of their business partners to facilitate trusted B2B operations. With an in-house CA Server, ISPs, ICPs and ASPs can provide the general public or small- business customers with services such as secure communications, database access and remote maintenance.

The CA Server is conveniently accessed via an Internet browser, and a system administrator can add, delete and fully manage individual user and group accounts, all in total security. A user can also apply for a certificate through a browser, and after having been approved by an administrator, he can stay online to install his certificate into his local hard drive, or any smart card device.

For added security, the CA Server maintains intrusion locks, which can be enforced against any IP address. All network activity is monitored as the CA Server keeps an extensive number of various kinds of logs. With all of its adaptability and functionality, the CA Server is available at a lower cost than the services of traditional certificate authority.

About Anyware Technology

Anyware Technology’s mission is to provide the security infrastructure for e-commerce and communications for the Internet economy. The California-based, privately held company provides software solutions that address the communication and network security issues of enterprises of all sizes.

To learn more about the EverLink SRAC Server, the EverLink CA Server, or the entire family of EverLink network security software, call 888/383-7178 or click on

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