Authentify Teams with RSA Security

Authentify|Register Awarded ‘RSA Secured’ RSA Keon Ready Certification

CHICAGO, April 5 /PRNewswire/ — Authentify, Inc., an emerging provider of Internet identity solutions, announced today it has joined the RSA Secured(TM) Partner Program to support interoperability between Authentify|Register service and RSA Keon(R) public key infrastructure (PKI) software.

Authentify|Register delivers real-time authentication of a user’s identity during the online registration process. By synchronizing an Internet session with an automated telephone call to the end user, Authentify|Register provides an added level of security to the RSA Keon OneStep(TM) registration process by utilizing the world’s most widely deployed infrastructure, the telephone network. The Authentify|Register process is highly scalable and provides an enhanced audit trail for increased security. The automation provided by Authentify|Register reduces costs and eliminates the risk of human error or omission. Authentify’s customizable application provides two-factor authentication and, integrated with RSA Keon OneStep, it allows an organization to quickly, securely and cost-effectively deploy digital certificates.

“Authentify’s automated authentication process fills a critical void in an organization’s e-Security strategy,” said Peter Tapling, president & CEO of Authentify. “PKI requires strong registration processes and audit trails to be truly effective. This requirement has traditionally made PKI deployments slow and expensive. Authentify|Register will improve the quality of the audit trail while speeding deployment of certificates and reducing the cost of registration.”

“We are excited to welcome Authentify to the RSA Secured Partner Program,” said Robert Pritchard, vice president of corporate and partner development at RSA Security. “Our strategic partner program is one of the most aggressive and successful in the industry, and we look forward to working with Authentify to help deliver secure e-business solutions to our customers.”

Mr. Tapling added, “Receiving this certification from RSA Security illustrates the versatility of our Authentify|Register service. We look forward to working with RSA to accelerate the deployment of certificates within RSA Keon customer installations.”

Authentify is exhibiting at the RSA Conference in San Francisco April 8-12, 2001. Thomas Swalla, senior systems engineer for Authentify, will be speaking April 12th on “Using the Telephone Network to Solve First-Time Registration Problems”. Authentify will be demonstrating the Authentify|Register technology at booth #104.

About Authentify

Authentify, Inc. provides Internet identity management products and services that enable organizations to quickly and cost-effectively provide real-time user authentication during an Internet session. By leveraging the familiarity of telephone networks, Authentify ensures that deployment of e-Security is practical for business and easy for consumers. The company’s patent-pending process seamlessly integrates into existing online processes that have been developed for e-business, secure information access and the distribution of security credentials. The Authentify solution provides a trusted, real-time mechanism for the management of digital credentials and username/password systems for employees, trading partners and customers, while also ensuring the availability of a comprehensive audit trail. Authentify is privately held and based in Chicago, Illinois. Visit Authentify on the Web at , or call 773-243-0300.

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