BioconX, Inc. Delivers Advanced Security Software

Version 3.0 Makes BioconX Security Software Even More Flexible and Easy to Use

MINNEAPOLIS, March 8 /PRNewswire/ — BioconX, Inc., a developer of network security software that applies biometrics to safeguard network and application access, announces the release of version 3.0 of its software. “With 3.0, BioconX is even more adaptable and convenient for IT professionals seeking to fortify security and control their networks and applications,” says Thor Christensen, chief executive officer of BioconX, Inc.

BioconX streamlines and simplifies access management by centralizing all users’ biometric templates and authorization profiles in secure storage. By authenticating the identity of users, the software instantly enables them to access all servers and applications for which they have authorization with one single, simple, and secure biometric sign-on. BioconX supports all operating systems and applies biometric security all the way from the network level to the applications themselves, without requiring any modification of application code. It also embeds network administration tools so that IT managers can control their networks and distribute applications as well as manage security.

According to Don Harris, chief technology officer of BioconX, Inc., the new release features three significant improvements. First, BioconX has expanded the biometric technologies it supports to include iris scanning. BioconX gives customers the flexibility to choose the biometric devices that are best for their environments.

Second, BioconX now enables multiple users to unlock an individual PC or laptop with their own biometric. “When several people share the same computer, associating users to groups is very useful,” says Harris. “It makes securing access with biometrics easier and more convenient.”

Third, BioconX has incorporated wizards into the software’s administration tool set. Wizards guide IT professionals step-by-step through the process of creating users and application groupings. “Now it’s even easier, and much faster, to create application templates, associate the templates to application groups, and then assign authorized users to specific sets of applications,” says Harris. “It’s an advantage for companies that want innovative software for security and network administration.”

About BioconX, Inc.

BioconX, Inc. (Minneapolis, Minn.) develops software that uses biometrics to safeguard access to computer networks and applications. BioconX simplifies network administration and strengthens control over all applications. BioconX customers can assure their stakeholders that they are employing advanced software technology to fortify network security, reduce system administration and support costs, and sustain innovation. For more information about BioconX, visit

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