Cylink Introduces Next-Generation, High-Performance VPN Solution Featuring Remote-Access Client Software

NetHawk 3.0 Offers Proven Performance, Enterprise Scalability, Reliability to Remote Computer Users

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 23, 2001 – E-business security provider Cylink Corporation (Nasdaq: CYLK) today introduced NetHawk 3.0, its next-generation virtual private network solution featuring client software that brings remote-access VPN capabilities to desktop and notebook computers for telecommuting and other remote computing applications.

NetHawk 3.0’s client software brings the remote computing capabilities to a high-performance IPSec VPN that delivers industry-leading scalability and speed, operating at 100 Mbps (200 Mbps full duplex) with up to 20,000 simultaneous connections. The client enables Microsoft® Windows® operating systems to secure client-to-client or client-to-gateway communications over TCP/IP networks such as the Internet, allowing remote computer users to communicate as securely through an ISP or other dial-in remote access device as desktop users do across a private local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).

To simplify monitoring and configuration control, any number of NetHawk clients and gateways can be managed under a single platform – Cylink’s Java-based NetHawk PrivaCy Manager. The management solution also makes it possible to update security policies to the clients and better exploit NetHawk’s scalability of up to 20,000 connections, an extensibility that delivers the industry’s lowest cost per connection.

The client anchors a number of key enhancements to NetHawk that include the addition of multicast protocols to improve network interoperability, Perfect Forward Secrecy to bolster security and Quality of Service (QoS) to improve the performance of latency-sensitive applications. NetHawk PrivaCy Manager also has been made even more robust with the addition of an internal certificate authority for smaller deployments (less than 500) and an LDAP server for publishing policies for Cylink VPN Clients. The server also supports external PKIs including Cylink’s highly scalable NetAuthority.

“Cylink is excited to be delivering remote-access security to a Cylink VPN solution that is among the industry leaders in performance and scalability,” said William P. Crowell, President and CEO of Cylink. “The Cylink VPN Client addition is an important expansion of the capabilities of our VPN product set as we continue to meet the security market’s needs for VPN solutions that combine high-performance, massive scalability and low per-connection costs.”

The Cylink VPN Client encryption technology is based on the latest industry-standard IPSec recommendations. Features include:

· Up to 10 redundant gateways: An alternate gateway is activated when the primary gateway is down or does not respond to dramatically improve network reliability

· Internet Key Exchange keep-alives that also improve network reliability by restarting IKE negotiations when the client detects stale security associations (SAs)

· Several modules that make it easy to configure to a network and diagnose connection problems:

o Certificate Manager that facilitates digital certificate management for online or manual enrollment

o Security Policy Editor that allows security policies to be configured connection-by-connection

o Connection Monitor that displays statistical and diagnostic information for each active connection

o Log Viewer that lists the IKE negotiations as secure connections are established

The Cylink VPN Client also can configure security policies and manage certificates through a graphical user interface, transfer digital certificates between home and office PCs, tailor installations and distribute them to users for easy setup, and lock distributed security policies to ensure network security.

The client supports the Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 operating systems. The software uses DES and T-DES for encryption and SHA-1, MD5 and DESMAC for authentication. In addition, it works through any application using the TCP, UDP or ICMP protocols.


NetHawk 3.0 is now available and shipping to customers.

About NetHawk

NetHawk is a high-performance VPN that transparently integrates into corporate networks to provide enterprise-strength performance and manageability and allow companies to move their business communications to the Internet to reduce costs and securely communicate with employees and business partners. The IPSec-compliant VPN solution supports up to 20,000 simultaneous connections using strong Triple-DES encryption at true wire speed (200 Mbps full duplex).

Like all other Cylink security appliances, NetHawk features PrivaCy Manager, a policy-based management application with flexible, secure and transparent SNMP-based monitoring and control capabilities. PrivaCy Manager can be used to define integrated security policies to be distributed across multiple NetHawk VPNs.

About Cylink Corporation

Cylink Corporation develops, markets and supports a comprehensive family of e-business security solutions. Founded in 1983, the company was the first to market security solutions that protect communications with public key cryptography. Cylink and its wholly owned subsidiaries serve Fortune 500 companies, multinational financial institutions, and government agencies worldwide. To contact Cylink, call (408) 855-6000 or visit


Cylink is a registered trademark of Cylink Corp.

The statements concerning the future of the VPN market are forward-looking statements. Among the factors that could cause actual results or developments to differ from the Company’s expectations are an unexpected delay in product developments, difficulty in hiring and retaining qualified personnel, and other risk factors listed from time to time in the company’s SEC reports, including but not limited to the report on Form 10-K, Forms 10-Q, and the Annual Report to shareholders.

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