Cylink, Securant to Offer Integrated PKI-based Solution To Bolster Web Security

Cylink’s NetAuthority PKI and Securant’s ClearTrust SecureControl to Provide Central, Tailored Access of Web-based Applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – March 12, 2001 – Cylink Corporation (Nasdaq: CYLK), a leading provider of e-business security solutions, has partnered with Securant Technologies to offer an integrated public key infrastructure-based solution that allows enterprises, government agencies and application service providers to centrally control and tailor access to Internet-based applications, content and transactions.

Under the agreement, Cylink will ensure that its NetAuthority public key infrastructure (PKI) solution is compatible with Securant’s ClearTrust SecureControl access management system. The integrated solution will provide enterprises with a single auditable point of control for managing access to PKI-secured Internet and extranet applications for employees, customers and partners.

Using easy-to-follow on-screen instructions, users of the integrated solution will authenticate to ClearTrust SecureControl via industry-standard X.509 certificates issued by NetAuthority. ClearTrust SecureControl’s security policy management infrastructure (PMI) streamlines authorization by enabling users to sign on once for access to any number of Web applications instead of having to rely on separate usernames and passwords for each, regardless of operating platform. In addition to bolstering security, the PMI, which can be configured to limit access to pre-determined applications, reduces the costs associated with replacing forgotten or otherwise obsolete usernames and passwords. NetAuthority provides the trusted environment for user authentication to PMI and a number of other Internet-based applications.

“The Cylink-Securant solution will combine two compelling sets of features to provide the security needed for highly trusted web-based communications,” said William P. Crowell, President and CEO of Cylink. “The strong user authentication of Cylink’s NetAuthority PKI and the central access control of Securant’s security policy management infrastructure will provide an easy-to-use platform for tailoring access to Internet applications.”

“As enterprises move high-value transactions and business-critical applications onto the Internet, PKI provides the level of trust and security required to protect these sensitive resources from misuse and fraud,” said Eric Olden, Securant’s Chief Technology Officer. “The integration of Cylink’s NetAuthority solution with our ClearTrust SecureControl access management system will maximize the authentication capabilities of PKI and give enterprises the confidence to provide single sign-on Web access to precious applications and resources.”

NetAuthority is a highly scalable, standards-based infrastructure incorporating public-key cryptography, certificates, digital signatures and encryption to enable a wide variety of applications including secure email and web browsing and virtual private networking. Designed to support intranet, extranet and Internet applications, NetAuthority consists of a certificate authority, registration server, registration authority client and a toolkit that can make any device and application PKI-compatible.

ClearTrust SecureControl enables enterprises to centrally manage PKI-based authentication to protect both Web-based and Web-presented applications. In addition, ClearTrust SecureControl can manage and deliver multiple security services that integrate with PKI. To provide real-time security enforcement and prevent unauthorized access, the PMI solution supports Certificate Revocation List (CRL) checks to deny access to users with revoked or suspended certificates.

About Securant

Securant Technologies, the access management company that secures e-business, is a leading provider of Internet security software for managing user access to Web-based resources including applications, content and transactions. Securant customers include Merrill Lynch, Baker Street, Chase Hambrecht & Quist, Lehman Brothers, Experian, MarketFusion, Scientific Atlanta and Thomson Financial. To contact Securant, call (415) 315-1500, visit, or write to

About Cylink Corporation

Cylink Corporation develops, markets and supports a comprehensive family of e-business security solutions. Founded in 1983, the company was the first to market security solutions that protect communications with public key cryptography. Cylink and its wholly owned subsidiaries serve Fortune 500 companies, multinational financial institutions, and government agencies worldwide. To contact Cylink, call (408) 855-6000 or visit

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