Foundstone Announces FoundScan Managed Security Services

Automated, Continuous Security Assessments for Changing Networks, New Threats

IRVINE, CA – February 1, 2001 – Foundstone Inc., the premier provider of security assessment services and education, today announced FoundScan Managed Security Services (MSS). Delivering automated, continuous security assessments, FoundScan MSS is a subscription service that provides year-round intrusion protection.

FoundScan MSS combines the experience of Foundstone’s top security consultants with advanced scanning technology to actively monitor and assess a company’s Internet presence. Status reports include easy-to-understand graphics for high-level analysis and detailed statistics for technical personnel. Reports also measure a company’s progress in fighting the ever-increasing vulnerabilities that can lead to successful hacker attacks.

“Network vulnerability assessments provide an accurate picture of an organization’s security posture at a point in time,” said George Kurtz, CEO of Foundstone. “However, networks change frequently as new hosts, Internet services, and functionality are introduced–often with accompanying vulnerabilities. FoundScan MSS provides continuous protection for our clients and allows them to easily visualize their entire Internet presence.”

“Given the increasingly tight market for computer security experts, many companies feel forced to put security on the back burner–a recipe for disaster,” said Stuart McClure, President of Foundstone. “FoundScan MSS equalizes this supply-demand imbalance, letting organizations focus on continuous intrusion prevention for their changing environments.”

“Every company needs to know if their network is secure, and FoundScan MSS offers superior security assessment,” said Terry Ryan, IT Director for Entercept Security Technologies. “With its unique assessment technology and comprehensive feature set, FoundScan MSS delivers major security benefits for small and large companies.”

About FoundScan MSS

FoundScan MSS is a subscription security service that methodically analyzes an environment like an experienced security consultant would, resulting in a deep automated assessment instead of a simple vulnerability scan. FoundScan MSS provides ongoing, focused assessments, and delivers a complete, accurate picture of an organization’s security posture at any time.

Key features include the capability to footprint an organization’s known and unknown Internet assets and create detailed maps of all discovered networks. FoundScan MSS includes Active Assessment technology, which analyzes an environment then uses captured data to probe vulnerabilities like a real attacker. FoundScan MSS captures data “quietly,” without requiring any network changes or additional hardware or software. Web-based reporting provides both big-picture graphs and drill-down details to highlight critical weaknesses and important trends. FoundScan MSS also includes quarterly expert analysis by Foundstone specialists.

Currently in beta with several Fortune 500 clients and Foundstone’s Professional Security Services customers, FoundScan MSS will be available on an annual subscription basis at the end of Q1 2001. Pricing is based on the size of the evaluated network.

About Foundstone

Foundstone Inc. addresses the security and privacy needs of Global 2000 companies with world-class consulting and training (Professional Security Services) and managed security offerings (FoundScan MSS). Foundstone has one of the most dominant security talent pools ever assembled, including experts from Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, “Black World” defense contractors, and the United States Air Force. Foundstone executives authored the international best seller Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets & Solutions. Foundstone is headquartered in Irvine, California. Find more information at or by calling 877-91-FOUND.

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