InfoExpress Picked by Bell Canada to Enforce Remote Security Policies

Pioneer in enterprise security to provide CyberArmor distributed firewall for telecoms giant’s VPN users

Mountain View, California — April 30, 2001 — In the latest of a series of large-scale license agreements, security solutions provider InfoExpress today announced that Canadian telecoms giant Bell Canada has contracted for its “CyberArmor” enterprise personal firewall suite to provide security for remote users of its corporate network. CyberArmor, which allows firms to centrally manage policy-based security among their remote access user base, will be deployed by Bell Canada for rollout to secure VPN connections to its network.

Stacey Lum, president and CEO of InfoExpress, said “We’re pleased to be working with Bell Canada in securing their VPN user community.” He also noted that, “They’ve been very proactive in dealing with security strategically. It’s exciting to work with an organization that treats the security of remote systems on par with those residing on the corporate network.”

According to Todd Nakano, vice president of sales and marketing for InfoExpress, “Corporations are deploying CyberArmor due to the ease of customizing and updating policies to deal with the dynamic environment of their remote users. CyberArmor selects the active policy by differentiating between users on the corporate network, when a remote VPN session is active, or when they are surfing the Internet. These environmentally sensitive policies allow the system administrator to provide the right amount of security at the right time.”

CyberArmor Suite includes advanced environmentally sensitive policies (ESP), CyberConsole software for remote viewing of system configurations, alarms, status notifications, support for VPNs such as Nortel’s Contivity(TM), Cisco’s VPN, Check Point’s VPN-1 SecuRemote, Microsoft’s® PPTP, and integration with third-party databases.

CyberArmor Suite is composed of four components:

– CyberArmor Client — pre-configured, auto-updated personal firewall software that runs on an end-user’s PC and notifies users and CyberServer of attacks;

– Policy Manager — creates and manages policies, run-time settings, and automatic updates;

– CyberServer — logs user events and threats into a database; and

– CyberConsole — enables viewing remote user systems and managing incidents through the database.

CyberServer is priced at $4,995 per server and runs on Windows NT/2000® Server. Policy Manager is priced at $995. CyberConsole is priced at $295 per seat, and the CyberArmor Client software is $59 per seat. These components run on all popular Windows® platforms. The company offers services that assist with the integration of CyberArmor Suite and third-party VPNs. CyberArmor Suite is also a feature of the company’s FireWalker VPN Suite.

About InfoExpress

InfoExpress is a leader in secure remote access, extranet and personal firewall solutions. InfoExpress develops and markets the CyberArmor(TM) Suite Enterprise Personal Firewall and the FireWalker VPN Suite(TM), enabling enterprises to provide safe access to authorized resources over the Internet for employees, consultants, business partners, and customers. Recent news releases and other information are on InfoExpress’ homepage at InfoExpress is headquartered at 170 S. Whisman Road, Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94041. Phone: 650.623.0260 Fax: 650.623.0268


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