iVEA Technologies Introduces CryptoSwift EN-2000 eCommerce Accelerator

Industry’s Fastest Stand-alone SSL Acceleration Termination Appliance

IRVINE, CA, April 3 2001 – iVEA Technologies, a Rainbow Technologies (Nasdaq: RNBO) company and a leading provider of Internet and eCommerce security solutions, today introduced the CryptoSwift EN-2000, the industry’s fastest stand-alone SSL acceleration appliance designed for large business-to-business Web-server farms or high-end data centers when SSL acceleration is shared across multiple servers. The EN-2000 provides up to 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) performance, making it the fastest available SSL acceleration appliance on the market today.

The CryptoSwift EN-2000’s 100BaseT Ethernet rack-mountable appliance form factor permits high-performance security acceleration to scale to a network of servers without consuming additional PCI slots. The EN-2000 offers twice the processing power of the first-generation EN-1000 accelerator and can easily be integrated into all popular server platforms including iPlanet Web Server, Apache, and Microsoft IIS. The large capacity provided by this processing power allows the EN-2000 to scale with the needs of today’s ever-growing IT infrastructures. Like other members of iVEA’s CryptoSwift family, the EN-2000 works with existing secure Web-server resources and makes an organization’s Web server infrastructure investment last longer.

“iVEA continues to raise the bar on secure network performance in order to match the real demand created by increasing Internet usage, broadband connectivity and high-performance servers,” said Shawn Abbott, president, iVEA Technologies. “The Ethernet appliance form factor has been successful for data center customers wanting high-end, scalable security, and complements our PCI add-on cards and embedded ASIC and component products to provide the industry’s only complete range of solutions.”

“We have been seeing incredible interest in security appliances over the past year,” said IDC’s Internet Security Analyst Charles Kolodgy. “iVEA, as a major provider of cryptographic acceleration solutions, has recognized this trend and responded with the EN-2000 appliance.”

The EN-2000 accelerates popular security protocols used for eCommerce (SSL/TLS), payments (SET) and virtual private networking (IPSec/IKE). The EN-2000 delivers enhanced Web-server performance while accelerating the most popular security protocols used by the industry’s most popular eCommerce Web servers. Competitive eCommerce appliances typically accelerate SSL at a rate of 200 to 600 transactions per second, while handling other tasks such as load balancing. By focusing strictly on SSL acceleration, the EN-2000 is ideal for server environments that use other technologies for Internet operation and optimization. The EN-2000 can accommodate more transactions with virtually no customer waiting. The EN-2000’s rack-mountable design makes it an ideal addition to high-end data centers.

Like other products in the CryptoSwift family of eCommerce acceleration solutions, the EN-2000 is ideal for online retail, electronic stock trading, financial services, payment gateways, medical records processing, and other online services for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce. Using patent-pending technology, CryptoSwift contains a public-key processor that offloads and speeds up the operations that would otherwise saturate the Web server’s main processor

Pricing and Availability

The CryptoSwift EN-2000 is available immediately. Call for pricing at 1-877-274-4832. International pricing is available by calling 1-949-206-7000. For more information on the CryptoSwift family of eCommerce accelerators, contact iVEA Technologies at info@ivea.com or visit our Web site at www.ivea.com.

About iVEA Technologies

iVEA Technologies, a Rainbow Technologies company, is a leading provider of high-performance Internet security solutions for eCommerce servers and network equipment.

iVEA’s cryptographic acceleration solutions are used by major OEM Web-server companies and load-balancing appliance vendors in addition to customers in industries such as eBusiness, banking and

financial services, technology communications, healthcare, higher education and government. CryptoSwift has won major industry awards for excellence, including a prestigious “Blue Ribbon Award” from Network World as the industry’s top cryptographic accelerator and an American Electronics Association (AEA) High Tech 2000 Award for “Innovative Product/Technology.”

Founded in 2001, iVEA Technologies is headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices throughout Europe and Asia. iVEA also employs a strong network of leading distributors that sell the company’s products worldwide.

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