Latest Version of CyberwallPLUS Features Expanded Enterprise Management Capabilities for Host-Resident Firewalls

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 31, 2000– Enables Convenient Deployment, Modification, Monitoring and Reporting of Distributed Firewalls on PCs and Servers

Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:NSSI), a leader in distributed intrusion prevention solutions for e-Business networks, today announced the availability of CyberwallPLUS 6.1 for Windows 2000 and Windows NT desktops, workstations, and servers. The new version of Network-1’s host-resident, distributed firewalls features enhanced centralized enterprise management and intrusion prevention capabilities.

“Centralized management capabilities are significant, especially to enterprises that wish to move beyond the limitations of the personal firewall,” said Avi Fogel, President and CEO of Network-1. “CyberwallPLUS offers major advantages over these products. It provides the fine access control granularity that system administrators require, and the ability to centrally formulate and push out uniform policies across the enterprise to desktops and servers. Centralized log aggregation is available for security events throughout the network and, in addition, distributed, host-resident firewalls can be pushed out across the enterprise and allowed to operate in a transparent, GUI-less form that prevents user tampering and distraction.”

Network-1 is strengthening the centralized management capabilities of CyberwallPLUS in two ways. With the new version, CyberwallPLUS-CM (central management) joins the CyberwallPLUS product family as an optional product. In addition, the inherent central management capabilities of CyberwallPLUS have been enhanced.

“In rapid growth environments such as ours, centralized management of the security function is a critical enabler,” said Robert J. Miller, President and CEO of CorrectNet, a leading Application Service Provider. “Centralized management of distributed firewalls that we are able to customize on a per customer basis provides us with a powerful competitive tool.”

“As the use of broadband access services at distributed sites increases, centralized management is an absolute necessity to maintaining a coherent security policy,” said Chris Christiansen, Vice President of Internet Infrastructure and Security at International Data Corp. (IDC), a Framingham, MA based IT Analysis Firm. “The new version of CyberwallPLUS builds on its existing management capabilities in the Windows NT and 2000 desktop and server firewall market.”

Features of CyberwallPLUS-CM

Centralized Policy Administration. This feature includes the ability to configure, replicate and deploy security policies to large groups across the network. The efficient provisioning of security policies is enabled for enterprise end users, large ASP server farms, and corporate networks. For instance, a consistent policy for Windows NT/2000 workstations, desktops, and laptops can be formulated and pushed out to users across the enterprise, including remote and mobile users with high-speed connections. Firewall rules are updated without rebooting or impacting users.

Centralized Licensing / Inventory Management. For large workstation deployments, a central licensing capability makes it simple for administrators to efficiently manage their enterprise-wide firewall inventory of CyberwallPLUS. This feature enables the distribution and registration of individual copies of CyberwallPLUS independently of Network-1.

Enhanced Central Management Features Inherent in CyberwallPLUS 6.1

Remote Firewall Management. Should a security event occur, administrators have access to the impacted firewalls to get additional detail and change firewall settings.

Centralized Event Monitoring (Log Monitoring and Aggregation). CyberwallPLUS 6.1 works seamlessly with hierarchical centralized event management and log aggregation and analysis programs. CyberwallPLUS 6.1 feeds enterprise-wide security events to these programs for monitoring. CyberwallPLUS 6.1 supports products from Ripple Technologies, TNT Software, and Kiwi Enterprises, and other popular system logging and management environments.

End-user Transparency. Security policies can be configured and pushed out to end-user machines in full software installation form or as enterprise-agents in GUI-less, user-transparent form. In transparent form, the end user sees no programming menu and no tray icon. This unique feature prevents end users from altering or disabling the settings of the standard corporate security policy.

Other New Features

Universal Plug & Play support provides the ability to change Network Interface Card (NIC) hardware and address configurations on the fly without the need for user intervention or system rebooting.

Intrusion Detection has been enhanced through the addition of new signatures that are used to stop attacks in real time. Specifically, additional URL filters have been added along with a graphical user interface (GUI) to manage the filters for URL attacks.

Logging and reporting is significantly improved with a Syslog output format and support for additional file export formats, e.g., WELF (Web Trends Extended Log Format) and .enc (Sniffer) files.

Pricing and Availability of CyberwallPLUS Products

All CyberwallPLUS 6.1 products are available for shipping.

CyberwallPLUS-SV (Server) prices start at $1,095.

CyberwallPLUS-WS (Workstation) prices start at $995 per “10 pack.”

CyberwallPLUS-IP (Internet Protocol) prices start at $2,095

CyberwallPLUS-AP (All Protocols) costs $6,995 for an unlimited license

CyberwallPLUS-CM (Central Manager) costs $195

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Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:NSSI) is a leader in distributed network intrusion prevention products that allow organizations to open up for e-Business. Distributed intrusion prevention combines the benefits of firewalls and host-based network intrusion detection allowing e-Businesses to scale the secure processing of incoming and outgoing traffic. In addition, distributed intrusion prevention protects critical data servers from abuses by those with “insider access” and enables the deployment of multiple layers of defense against breaches by outsiders. Additional details about the Company and its products are available at:

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