McAfee Receives ICSA Anti-Virus Certification for WebShield SMTP Software

Security Standards Leader Certifies McAfee Internet Gateway Anti-Virus Product

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 8 /PRNewswire/ — McAfee, a Network Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: NETA) business, today announced that its Internet gateway anti-virus solution, WebShield SMTP, has received certification from ICSA Labs, a worldwide leader in security standards-setting for Internet-connected companies.

“Internet gateway virus protection is increasingly critical in maximizing virus protection in the corporate environment, and we are pleased to certify McAfee’s WebShield SMTP gateway product,” said Larry Bridwell, Content Security Programs Manager for ICSA Labs. “McAfee offers a high level of protection at the network perimeter with the WebShield product, fighting off the latest computer viruses, worms and malicious code.”

ICSA Labs’ Product Certification Program provides assurance to the user community that anti-virus products attaining the ICSA Labs Certification reduce security risks caused by viruses consistent with a set of publicly vetted and industry-accepted criteria. Products to receive the ICSA Labs Certification for Internet Gateways must: detect 100% of the viruses listed in the current “In The Wild List,” detect 90% of the ICSA Macro Virus Collection, detect viruses in compressed files that include, but is not limited to using the PKZip format, detects viruses in e-mail that has been encoded using “uuencode” format, detect viruses in e-mail that has been encoded using “MIME” encoding, and log all actions taken while scanning.

“ICSA Labs certification of the McAfee WebShield SMTP product re-affirms the quality of McAfee technology,” said Ken Lux, solution marketing manager for the WebShield family of products and appliances, McAfee. “The McAfee WebShield product can stop destructive viruses, like LoveBug and Melissa, before they enter the corporate network, saving customers time and money.”

The McAfee WebShield SMTP software is part of the McAfee family of WebShield gateway anti-virus products and appliances. The WebShield SMTP software powers the recently released McAfee e50 appliance, designed to protect small- and medium-size businesses from viruses at the Internet gateway.

TruSecure Corporation, formerly, is the worldwide leader in Internet security assurance. TruSecure’s Information Security Solutions are the leading security assurance programs for Internet-connected companies, used by over 350 companies worldwide. TruSecure’s ICSA Labs is the security industry’s central authority for intelligence, research and product testing, certifying more than 95% of the market’s anti-virus software, network firewalls, intrusion detection, cryptography and IPSec products. TruSecure Media Group consists of Information Security Magazine, the leading industry publication with more than 45,000 readers; NTBugtraq, the leading online source of Microsoft-related security intelligence; and’s security destination Website.

McAfee provides comprehensive solutions to protect e-businesses from attacks by malicious Internet applets and viruses. The McAfee Active Virus Defense (AVD) suite is an award-winning multi-tier virus security solution. Over the past 12 months, McAfee has aggressively focused on the burgeoning mobile and wireless marketplace, developing the VirusScan Thin Client (TC) and VirusScan Wireless software solutions. All McAfee products are backed by the world’s leading anti-virus research organization, McAfee AVERT (Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team), the team which first identified Melissa, Bubbleboy and Phage, the first wireless virus. For more information, McAfee can be reached at 800-338-8754 or on the Internet at .

With headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., Network Associates, Inc. is a leading supplier of security and availability solutions for e-businesses. Network Associates is comprised of four business units: McAfee, delivering world class anti-virus products; PGP Security, providing firewall, intrusion detection and encryption products; Sniffer Technologies, a leader in network and application management; and Magic Solutions, providing web-based service desk solutions. For more information, Network Associates can be reached at 972-308-9960 or on the Internet at .

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