Securify Delivers Quality of Security for Connected Businesses

Securify SecurVantage Security Metrics Set Baseline for Verifying Network Security Health

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 2 /PRNewswire/ — As part of its new strategic direction, Securify, Inc., a leading provider of security technologies and services for connected businesses, today introduced Securify SecurVantage Services, a managed security offering that connected organizations can use to control the quality of security as they extend their network infrastructures and applications to e-partners. By first setting baseline security metrics for “correct” network behavior and then continuously monitoring traffic, Securify SecurVantage Services offer businesses a unique way to verify the ongoing safety of their trust relationships with partners, suppliers and customers — as well as the safety of their Intranet — as they communicate and share critical business information.

Securify’s SecurVantage managed security services verify corporate-level security policy compliance to assist companies in their struggle with the spiraling complexity of diverse network, application and data management security policies that support increasingly intricate business relationships. Securify SecurVantage Services take a holistic approach to maintaining enterprise security, looking at network and application security components from a business requirements perspective, and monitoring network traffic from inside and outside the enterprise.

Based on unique, patent-pending technology, Securify SecurVantage Services enable customers to quantify the Quality of Security Service (QoSS) — the baseline metric for verifying overall network security “health.” Employing an ongoing process of security policy review and updating, security policy compliance monitoring, and incident planning and response, the service enables connected businesses to achieve the QoSS required to help assure the safety of their extended networks.

“Now, connected businesses can measure the effectiveness of their security infrastructures and reduce network vulnerabilities by constantly monitoring and verifying actual network operation using a formal specification driven by their business requirements,” said Taher Elgamal, president and CEO of Securify. “Securify SecurVantage Services help to create a trusted networking environment and help maximize the return on network security investments.”

Protecting Connected Enterprises

Today’s businesses employ a conglomeration of network and application security solutions, each acting independently to address specific security issues. These include firewalls to protect the perimeter, authentication servers to protect applications and data and virtual private networks (VPNs) to exchange data with partners. At the same time, businesses are engaged in opening up their networks to partners, suppliers and customers, extending the perimeter of the network and creating interlinked security chains. As a result, enterprises often don’t know what is happening on their networks as devices are added or removed or software is updated, and they have no easy way to detect misconfigurations. Security vulnerabilities of e-partner networks become enterprise security issues.

“While keeping a pulse on network health, managed security services such as Securify SecurVantage can enable businesses to mitigate the inherent risks of complex, and often disparate, networks supporting elaborate e-business relationships,” said Allan Carey, senior analyst, of IDC.

Securify SecurVantage Services automate security verification and augment a company’s own staff with security expertise. Once the security specification is developed by Securify policy analysts working in conjunction with network administrators, Securify’s unique monitoring devices are deployed at key points in the network to continuously gather network traffic data. The data collected is automatically analyzed and compared to the security specification to measure the effectiveness of security systems, policies and procedures over time — the QoSS. This provides the critical feedback necessary to ensure compliance with established security policy and take corrective actions.

The Securify services provide visibility into security events across protocol layers. They can help the connected e-business detect a trusted partner attempting to access off-limits resources, an employee operating a rogue business using the company’s Web server, inadequate encryption strength settings and other violations of corporate security policy. Securify SecurVantage Services provide secure browser access to a Web-based analysis environment presenting real-time status of critical alerts, as well as weekly trend data and access to time-based queries. Critical violations occur only when a change is made to the security environment (reconfiguring a firewall, for example) or when someone violates established policies in a way that circumvents normal controls. Enterprise security staff and Securify analysts can use this information to gain a complete view of the overall network security operation and conformance to the business driven security specification.

Securify SecurVantage Services can help enterprises quantify and qualify the risks associated with e-business partner connectivity, greatly reducing the cost of third-party vulnerability assessments and the security risks that threaten business networks. A variety of e-Partner service modules help businesses create a Securify SecurVantage Services program tailored to individual enterprise needs.

Availability and Pricing

The full line of Securify SecurVantage Services are available immediately. Pricing for the services varies depending on network size and number of e-Partner connections. Monthly pricing for the ongoing services start at about $10,000.

About Securify, Inc.

Securify technologies and services help connected businesses reduce their security risks and improve their trust relationships. The Securify SecurVantage suite of managed security services quantifies the Quality of Security Service (QoSS) for cost effectively managing overall network security across an Intranet as well as between e-business partners. Securify Access Management Services offer consulting and integration assistance that simplifies the deployment of cost-effective, vendor-neutral enterprise authentication and access management solutions. Securify customers include major financial institutions, healthcare agencies, managed service providers and other Fortune 1000 organizations. Securify has built a world-class staff of qualified network security, authentication and access management specialists to provide customers with a high level of expertise to augment existing resources. The company has its headquarters in Mountain View, CA. For more information, please call 650-213-4600 or visit the Securify Web site at

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