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RSA BSAFE(R) Cert-C and BSAFE Cert-J Software Selected to Help Government Customers Replace Costly Paper-Based Systems

BEDFORD, Mass., April 2 /PRNewswire/ — RSA Security Inc. (Nasdaq: RSAS) announced today that WareOnEarth Communications, Inc., a leading provider of network security and “Trusted Information Exchange” solutions, has licensed RSA BSAFE(R) Cert-C and RSA BSAFE Cert-J security software. The company has incorporated this software into its Hypership(R) peer-to-peer transport technology, which helps enable trusted information exchange over the Internet. Hypership relies on RSA Security software to help provide a complete public key infrastructure (PKI) solution — including authentication of senders and receivers, data security in transit and at rest, and binding non-repudiation. As a result, WareOnEarth is able to offer its government customers the security they require to leverage the speed and cost advantages of electronic delivery.

“High value transactions are still dominated by physical solutions like overnight delivery, fax, and certified mail,” said Dan Curtis, vice president, global postal business of WareOnEarth. “Through our RSA Security-enabled Hypership solution, we are helping to reduce the paper-based bottleneck by enabling government enterprises to adopt PKI. We are excited to work closely with RSA Security, and believe that its excellent reputation in the security market plays a significant role in our ability to expand our government customer base.”

“WareOnEarth has helped a number of government agencies to introduce time- and money-saving systems that feature RSA Security technology,” said Bill McQuaide, vice president of product marketing at RSA Security. “PKI is a key attribute to any enterprise system, and we are pleased to work closely with WareOnEarth as it introduces services and solutions that leverage this infrastructure.”

The RSA BSAFE(R) line of security software is embedded in today’s most successful Internet applications, including Web browsers, wireless devices, commerce servers, e-mail systems and virtual private network products. Built to provide implementations of standards such as SSL, S/MIME, WTLS, IPSec and PKCS, RSA BSAFE products can save developers time and risk in their development schedules.

About WareOnEarth

WareOnEarth Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of secure e-Transaction technology and security consulting services. We enable government and business to identify and reduce risks related to communications and the safeguarding of physical and intellectual assets. WareOnEarth’s patented Hypership technology allows customers to transport information in a peer-to-peer environment that brings security and trust to e-commerce transactions over networks and the Internet. WareOnEarth’s patented Hypership technology is the underlying transport technology in the United States Postal Service’s NetPost.Certified(TM) offering, which is an electronic version of certified mail that solves the requirement for end-to-end secure and certifiable data exchange for its customers. The company is headquartered in Annandale, VA, and can be reached at 1.703.637.5005, or visit our website at

About RSA Security Inc

RSA Security Inc., the most trusted name in e-security(TM), helps organizations build secure, trusted foundations for e-business through its RSA SecurID(R) two-factor authentication, RSA BSAFE(R) encryption and RSA Keon(R) digital certificate management systems. With more than a half billion RSA BSAFE-enabled applications in use worldwide, more than eight million RSA SecurID authentication users and almost 20 years of industry experience, RSA Security has the proven leadership and innovative technology to address the changing security needs of e-business and bring trust to the new, online economy. RSA Security can be reached at

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