Trend Micro Protects Capacity Group of Companies from ‘Anna Kournikova’ Virus

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 13, 2001– Trend Micro Inc. (Nasdaq:TMIC), the leading provider of antivirus security, shares news of the successful defense of yesterday’s “Anna Kournikova” virus outbreak by Capacity Group of Companies, using Trend Micro’s ScanMail for Exchange. One of the top 100 insurance brokers in the country, Capacity Group of Companies, weathered the worldwide virus outbreak unscathed. By using Trend Micro’s ScanMail for Exchange, incoming infected messages, spreading via Outlook, were stopped at Capacity Group of Companies’ Exchange mail server without disruption to its employees or its communications system.

By 9 a.m. Monday morning, Capacity Group of Companies reported it had received more than 50 hits from the VBS_Kalamar.A virus that promised recipients a graphic of the popular Russian tennis star, Anna Kournikova. Trend Micro’s ScanMail for Exchange effectively detected every single one of the virus hits and quarantined them before end users could be infected.

According to Andy Palley, manager of M.I.S., “Trend Micro’s product performed flawlessly against the Anna Kournikova virus. Trend’s heuristic detection was perfect in its ability to clearly identify this virus.”

Palley analyzed the source of the incoming infected emails and found that none of the sources were using Trend Micro’s antivirus products. Palley went on to say, “This was a huge worldwide outbreak and we were completely protected with Trend Micro.”

During the early hours of the reported outbreak, Trend Micro customers were quickly notified of available pattern file and scan engine updates to provide protection for their networks. All Trend Micro products are backed by TrendLabs, Trend Micro’s global antivirus research and support centers located on three continents, with a team of more than 250 researchers and engineers, operating around the clock to help ensure that Trend Micro customers worldwide are covered by 24×7 service and support. Trend Micro also offers free online scanning services with its HouseCall scanner (

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange is a highly scalable multi-threaded/multi-process security product which installs on Exchange servers enabling uniform antivirus and security policies across the enterprise. ScanMail provides real-time, on-demand antivirus protection with easy administration, and can be managed from virtually anywhere with the Trend Virus Control System (Trend VCS(TM)) — regardless of location or platform. It can be automatically configured to scan on-demand or at prescheduled intervals; updates can also be accessed manually or automatically. The optional eManager adds spam blocking and content filtering.

About TrendLabs

Trend Micro’s global antivirus research and support centers located on three continents operates around the clock, ensuring that all Trend Micro customers anywhere in the world are covered by 24×7 service and support. Staffed by a team of more than 250 engineers and skilled support personnel, TrendLabs’ dedicated service centers in Paris, Munich, Manila, Taipei, Tokyo and Irvine, Calif. ensure a rapid response to any virus outbreak anywhere in the world. TrendLabs is one of the first facilities of its kind to receive ISO 9002 certification from the International Organization for Standardization.

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro provides centrally controlled server-based virus protection and content-filtering products and services. By protecting information that flows through Internet gateways, email servers, and file servers, Trend Micro allows companies and managed service providers worldwide to stop viruses and other malicious code from a central point before they ever reach the desktop.

Trend Micro’s corporate headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan, with business units in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Trend Micro’s North American headquarters is located in Cupertino. Trend Micro’s products are sold directly and through a network of corporate, value-added resellers and managed service providers. Evaluation copies of all of Trend Micro’s products may be downloaded from its awarding winning Web site,

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