Attack on Private Signature Keys of the OpenPGP format, PGP programs and other applications compatible with OpenPGP

The article describes an attack on OpenPGP format, which leads to disclosure of the private signature keys of the DSA and RSA algorithms. The OpenPGP format is used in a number of applications including PGP, GNU Privacy Guard and other programs specified on the list of products compatible with OpenPGP. Therefore all these applications must undergo the same revision as the actual program PGP. The success of the attack was practically verified and demonstrated on the PGP program, version 7.0.3 with a combination of AES and DH/DSS algorithms. As the private signature key is the basic information of the whole system which is kept secret, it is encrypted using the strong cipher. However, it shows that this protection is illusory, as the attacker has neither to attack this cipher nor user´s secret passphrase.

Download the paper in PDF format here.

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