Bastille Linux Releases Version 1.2

June 15, 2001 — The Bastille Linux development team today announced the release of Bastille Linux 1.2, a hardening script for multiple Linux distributions. With this release, Bastille Linux delivers on the full promise of simplified, automated security administration for Linux systems.

“Version 1.2 of Bastille’s usability and intelligence has made it a joy to use. MandrakeSoft’s focus on usability has improved the Bastille front end tremendously,” says Jay Beale, lead developer for the Bastille Linux Project.

New Features of Bastille Linux 1.2

Bastille Linux now provides support for Red Hat Linux versions 6.0 through 7.1 and Mandrake Linux versions 6.0 through 8.0.

A new X Windows-based configuration GUI simplifies installation of Bastille Linux for new users.

Support for iptables firewalling permits use of the new Linux 2.4 kernel and offers expanded firewalling capability.

Goals for future versions of Bastille Linux include

Additional security subsystem modules

Improved configuration management architecture

Improved Linux distribution support

Extension of Bastille to run on non-Linux platforms

The Bastille Linux project is receiving assistance from Hewlett-Packard Company in developing Bastille functionality for HP-UX.

About Bastille Linux

The Bastille Linux Project, founded in April 1999, is dedicated to simplifying security administration on Linux systems. The Bastille Linux software package is available for free under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is an open source project with an open development list. The core Bastille Linux development team is:

Jay Beale – Lead Developer

Jon Lasser – Lead Coordinator

Sweth Chandramouli – Tools developer

Mike Rash – Port Scan Detector developer

Peter Watkins – Firewall Development The project is indebted to Affinity Internet Inc. and MandrakeSoft for the time of Jon Lasser and Jay Beale, respectively. Contributions of time and talent from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), the SANS institute, and VA Linux have been crucial to the success of the Bastille Linux Project.

The Bastille Linux software is available from the project’s web site, at

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