CA Launches eTrust Management Solution Set to Deliver Greater Control of eBusiness Security Across the Enterprise

Security Administrators Gain Improved Tracking, More Consistent Policy Implementation and Increased Responsiveness to Security Incidents

ORLANDO, Fla., July 9 /PRNewswire/ — CA WORLD — Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), the world’s leading provider of eBusiness management solutions, today announced the release of the eTrust Management Solution Set, an integrated offering of proven CA technologies that enables large organizations to centrally administer and manage complex security tasks throughout diverse eBusiness environments.

The eTrust Management Solution Set allows security administrators to visualize and control security across the extended enterprise. It answers the needs of today’s sophisticated enterprises, which have become more difficult to protect because of the greater number of platforms and layers of security that support them. The integrated security infrastructure and centralized control offered by eTrust Management Solution Set enable enterprises to set a connection between policy formation and technology deployment.

“As security breaches become more visible and regulatory demands increase, businesses must be able to detect, track and resolve security incidents as well as policy non-compliance issues throughout their networks,” said Barry Keyes, vice president of marketing, security solutions, CA. “eTrust Management Solution Set provides a comprehensive, cost-effective portfolio of solutions to administer all of these functions from a central vantage point.” The eTrust Management Solution Set consists of a number of proven eTrust software solutions that enable trusted eBusiness while reducing the total cost of ownership of enterprise security. The solutions include:

— eTrust Audit and eTrust Policy Compliance to centralize event auditing and best practice compliance for platforms and applications, as well as to report on user activity across platforms, including UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Linux.

— eTrust CA-ACF2 Security and eTrust CA-Top Secret Security, the leading security solutions for OS/390 and z/OS, to enable controlled sharing of computers and data while preventing accidental or deliberate destruction, modification, disclosure and/or misuse of computer resources.

— eTrust Single Sign-On to enhance overall security by automating access to all authorized web services and enterprise-wide applications through a single logon. Eliminating the need to remember multiple sign-on processes, user IDs, or passwords, this solution improves productivity and profitability by giving end users and customers instant access to their own personalized resources. Logon can be accomplished with ID/password tokens or highly sophisticated biometrics.

“Recent regulations such as the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have driven a wider adoption of biometrics as an easier and safer alternative to passwords for end- user authentication,” said Bill Voltmer, president and CEO, Iridian Technologies. “Working with the eTrust SSO product within the eTrust Management Solution Set, we have been able to exceed customers’ requirements to secure shared workstations and provide quick and safe access to confidential information.”

— eTrust Admin to give customers a single consolidated view of user provisioning privileges across a wide range of platforms and applications, including both distributed and mainframe. A web-based administrative front-end enables business units to undertake day-to-day management of users.

“Prior to using eTrust Admin, it was very difficult and time-consuming to have consistent user privilege policies to meet our privacy requirements,” said Alan V. Bornas, assistant vice president, Data Center and Network Operations Department at Land Bank of the Philippines. “eTrust Admin will enable us to reduce our operating costs and tightly correlate user privileges with their role in the organization.”

— eTrust Access Control to secure distributed platforms, proactively protect UNIX, NT and Windows 2000 against hack attacks, and enable the central management of access control policy across heterogeneous distributed server platforms.

“Before deploying eTrust Access Control, we were unable to come up with an enterprise-wide access management strategy that was robust and easy to maintain,” said John Kolega, senior manager, IT Security Policy, WestPac Banking Corporation. “With eTrust Access Control, we can integrate a complete array of platforms, and its easy-to-use interface has increased the accessibility of our systems in response to customer demand.”

The eTrust Management Solution Set is one of the three security software solution sets of the eTrust product family. The unmatched breadth and sophistication of the eTrust product family — with solutions for certificate management, risk assessment, attack detection, and loss prevention — enable management teams to defend, administer access, and ensure the management and security of complex eBusiness environments. Fully supported by new professional services and education programs, eTrust solutions are also compliant with established and emerging security industry standards, ensuring interoperability with existing internal security mechanisms and those of eBusiness trading partners.

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