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CIRR actually stands for the Company and Industrial Research Reports Datebase. Not all Libraries will have this available on computer, but if you have a Universtiy nearby, you might try there. It is usually updated monthly, and searches can be made by company name, or type of business. These reports are usually done by large stock brockerage houses for their clients, but there are also several trade journals that are abstracted. Most of the files are available on Microfiche, which can then be xeroxed using a viewer. Companies that I’ve checked on have all been ones traded on stock exchanges. This is a service for the College of Business Administration at the University near me. Large brockerage firms would probably have access to the system, also.

I ran Waste Management, Inc. through the system and the file was 156 pages long! It traces all the earnings, quarterly, large contracts, mergers, intereactions with other firms, and a variety of esoteric – business oriented information. There are several firms that write these reports excerpting trade journals and tracing rumors. They discussed the effect new EPA regulations would have on the company’s earnings, as well as any legal problems they were having. Market managers make their decisions on whether to buy or sell stocks by the accuracy of these reports. Reports were dated from January 1990 back to January 1982. Other back files are available.

Another, more available computer database is called Infotrak. It has a vast number of subjects available, but rather than giving you an abstract, or having microfiche available , it only lists the periodicals that a particular subject may be found in. You then have to hope your library carries that particular periodical. A large number of trade journals has been added to the database and it is updated monthly.

Both databases are fairly easy to access and have “print” features if a printer is on line. CIRR can also be downloaded by subject to diskette.

Another file downloaded from:

The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven

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