eSafe Proactive Content Security Solution Blocks New Script Vandal Named Vbs.Homepage

CHICAGO, May 9 /PRNewswire/ — Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq: ALDN), a global leader in the field of Internet content and software security, today announced its eSafe Internet content security solution successfully blocks the new medium-risk vandal named VBS.Homepage.

Originating in New Zealand, the vandal is spreading quickly and arrives attached to an email message with the subject line “Home” page. The email includes a message body that includes the text “Hi! You’ve got to see this page! It’s really cool,” as well as an attached file named “Homepage.HTML.vbs.” Upon executing the file, Internet Explorer is opened to a randomly chosen adult Web site and sends copies of itself to all the names in the recipient’s Outlook address book. The vandal’s code uses simple encryption in an attempt to make it more difficult to analyze and was likely created using an automated VBS vandal creation tool.

More then a year after LoveLetter, VBS vandals are continuing to use psychological ploys in an attempt to spread quickly. Aladdin’s eSafe content security solution provides protection against unknown vandals, including VBS.Homepage. The combination of multi-tier products using unique technologies such as Sandbox II and SmartScript, ensure eSafe’s superiority in detecting and blocking both known and completely new content security threats. A free cleaning utility for VBS.Homepage as well as the free eSafe Desktop product (for noncommercial use) can be found in the company’s Web site: .

About eSafe

Aladdin’s eSafe product suite, which includes eSafe Desktop, eSafe Enterprise and eSafe Gateway, provides the most comprehensive protection available against hostile elements on the Internet and gives users confidence in their ability to navigate the Internet safely. eSafe is the only comprehensive suite of content security solutions on the market to provide proactive protection from the gateway to the desktop. It also is the only one to provide Sandbox protection against all forms of malicious content including viruses, vandals and worms. A unique feature found only in Aladdin’s eSafe solutions, the sandbox erects a protective wall around vital system files and isolates all potentially dangerous viruses, vandals and worms in a sterile environment, preventing them from damaging, infecting or stealing from system resources.

Much more than anti-virus protection, the eSafe suite of products enables businesses to:

— block users ability to alter vital files, thereby reducing IT maintenance and repair costs

— stop access to web sites with inappropriate or malicious content, such as hate literature or pornography, or those sites known to propagate viruses

— restrict outgoing emails from sending classified or prohibited content

CONTACT: Press Contact, Matthew Zintel of Aladdin Knowledge Systems, , 847-818-3800 x4020; Investor Relations, Adam Rosen of KCSA Worldwide, , 212-896-1220

About Aladdin

Aladdin (Nasdaq: ALDN) is a global leader in securing digital content, from applications software to Internet use and access. Aladdin’s products include HASP and Hardlock, software security systems that protect the revenues of developers and publishers; Privilege, a software licensing platform for the Internet; the eSafe line of anti-vandal, anti-virus and content filtering software for PCs and networks connected to the Internet; and eToken for Internet security and authentication. Aladdin serves its customers through eight offices located in the world’s major software markets as well as through a network of 50 distributors serving more than 100 countries. For more information please visit Aladdin’s Web site at .

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