LURHQ Corporation Introduces Managed Security Services Portal

A Unique Technology that Changes the Delivery Model for Managed Security Services

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., June 14 /PRNewswire/ — LURHQ Corporation announced the release of the Managed Security Services Portal, a technology that allows the customer to co-manage and monitor their information security infrastructure. The Managed Security Services Portal provides a consolidated interface to LURHQ’s Managed Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Anti-virus, and SherlockESM (enterprise security monitoring) customers.

In the past, managed security providers have delivered managed services through a rigidly outsourced, hands-off approach that limits customer vision and access into managed systems. Now, through this revolutionary technology, LURHQ provides its Managed Security Services in a very flexible, co-managed and monitored model that offers customers the option to retain access, control, and complete visibility into their security architecture.

This technology, located at a customer’s site, is easy to use providing centralized communication between a managed environment and the LURHQ Secure Operations Center. Companies have a secure communications channel to monitor security events in real-time, make modifications to the security notification process, check response times to LURHQ Help Desk inquiries, and generate customized reports on their managed environment. The information is protected with 128-bit SSL with client certificate-based authentication.

Tony Prince, LURHQ Corporation president and founder said, “Most organizations prefer a partnered approach over black-box or completely outsourced managed security solutions. The Managed Security Services Portal provides customers the tools they need to co-manage and monitor their security environment. It allows our customers to continuously assess the value and effectiveness of LURHQ Managed Security Services.”

The Managed Security Services Portal includes Help Desk functionality, customized reports and graphs, and a real-time view of enterprise security events. The Help Desk is a complete support ticketing system tracking open issues across multiple managed services. The reporting feature includes custom reports and graphs regarding security event activity, systems performance, and network traffic. Real-time event monitoring provides a consolidated view of security events from all monitored security devices. LURHQ Corporation, the only provider of comprehensive enterprise-wide managed and monitoring security services, partners with organizations to protect their information assets from malicious activities by using next generation proprietary technology. Supported by this technology, LURHQ’s Managed Security Services and Enterprise Security Monitoring provide 24x7x365 information security, performance and availability.

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