Melioris Introduces a Professional Surveillance Application For PC Cameras

MA’ABAROT, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 10, 2001–Melioris Ltd. today announced the release of MelCam(TM), a security and surveillance software application package for webCams.

MelCam is easy to operate, keeps real-time tabs on vulnerable assets and increases security levels. Physical areas that are secured with a MelCam system benefit from Melioris’ proprietary “Multi-Channel Security” – the ability to monitor and respond to incidents in a multiple number of ways, concurrently.

MelCam turns the PC camera into a sensitive motion detector, initiates a phone call and local alarm when movement is detected, saves all images in detailed logs with a date and time stamp, and sends an immediate e-mail notification to designated addresses, with selected pictures from the event. It also has the ability to recieve an alarm and to allow the owner to view a live image of the monitored scene from any remote location. The software allows the user to protect unlimited number of areas (M to N), and to recieve alerts anywhere on earth. It works with any Internet connection, and bypass firewalls without any system administration assistance.

MelCam provides a very economical solution for home users and small business owners who do not want to spend thousands of dollars for a security system. By using the owner’s own PC and PC camera, MelCam provides a reliable, flexible and low-priced system that will make the user feel safe at home or at the office. MelCam may be downloaded from the Company’s web site, at The version has limited 21 days trial, after this period MelCam will be available for only $49.00.

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