nCipher Announces New e-Security Qualification and European Training Program for Security Professionals

nCipher partners with NetConnect to provide expert training and implementation for nCipher’s hardware security modules

WOBURN, Mass., July 25 /PRNewswire/ — nCipher(TM) plc, (LSE: NCH), a leading developer of Internet security products for e-commerce and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) applications, today announced its partnership with NetConnect Ltd to bring expert training in the field of cryptographic hardware security and key management with the launch of the nCipher Certified Systems Engineer (nCSE) qualification.

IT professionals building e-business infrastructures can now benefit from training in the implementation of hardware security modules and secure key management. Earning nCSE certification acknowledges expertise in working with nCipher products and their integration into systems involving products from its strategic partners. The certification provides a tangible statement to the IT industry, employers and clients of both formal training and a level of practical experience gained in the field which together ensure the successful implementation of nCipher technology as a critical part of the security solution in an organization.

NetConnect is the market-leading provider of authorized, certified training courses for market-leading products, development tools and technologies. They have particular expertise in the area of Internet and security technologies, already offering certified security courses from companies such as Check Point, RSA Security and Nokia, and now add nCipher’s certified nCSE course to their portfolio.

“nCipher’s introduction of nCSE sets the standard for IT professionals looking to build e-business infrastructures that can be trusted to protect privacy and guard against identity fraud,” said Stephen Bacon, managing director, NetConnect. “This is the first course of its kind to focus on hardware security and key management and is sure to help individuals and organizations succeed in the new economy.”

“NetConnect is an ideal partner to train IT professionals on nCipher technologies with their impressive track record in providing high-level and insightful training specifically targeted toward Internet security,” said Alex van Someren, chief executive officer, nCipher. “The nCSE certification will enable organizations across numerous industry sectors to establish security infrastructures designed to assure the integrity, privacy and authenticity of all customer communication.”

NetConnect is running the first two-day nCSE course in Cambridge, England on August 8 and 9. For more details please contact NetConnect at +44 (0)1223 423523.

nCipher’s products include:

nForce(TM) — provides secure and flexible key management facilities combined with powerful transaction acceleration. Targeted for secure e- commerce transaction servers and other PKI-enabled applications, nForce is the only hardware security module available today providing both high security and speed for Internet transactions.

nShield(TM) — a tamper resistant hardware security module validated to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-1 Level 3, a benchmark frequently applied to secure systems. Combining secure key management, transaction acceleration, and tamper resistant physical hardening, nShield delivers high security, speed and scalability in a single package. nShield is well suited to a variety of security infrastructures, such as certificate authorities, online certificate validation services and numerous custom applications.

KeySafe(TM) — an add-on software product used with the nForce and nShield hardware security modules. KeySafe allows companies to securely create, store, import, back up, restore or remove application keys through an easy-to-use graphical user interface, delivering complete life-cycle key management.

About nCipher

nCipher is a leading developer of Internet security products specifically designed for e-commerce and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) applications. nCipher’s products, which incorporate both hardware and software, help its customers to solve problems of information security, systems scalability and processing speed in e-commerce and PKI applications. In addition, nCipher also offers technical support and professional services. nCipher’s products are particularly well suited to e-business users with high volumes of security- sensitive transactions, such as banking and financial institutions, e- retailers and service providers (ISP/ASPs) and Government agencies.

nCipher is listed on the London Stock Exchange as a TechMARK 100 company (LSE: NCH). With offices in Cambridge, UK; Boston, New York and San Francisco, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Paris, France; and Hamburg, Germany, nCipher serves customers and partners around the world. For more information on nCipher products and services, visit our Web site at

About NetConnect

NetConnect is an independent systems integrator, specializing in solving complex issues related to the deployment of security technologies that enable e-commerce. With particular skills in Internet Security, Managed Services and Training, NetConnect’s independence ensures unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise and knowledge. NetConnect’s headquarters are located in Cambridge, with an office and training center in the City of London and additional training facilities in Edinburgh and Leeds. For more information, please call +44 (0)1223 423523 or visit on the Web at

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