Network-1 Introduces CyberwallPLUS 7.0 to Secure the Mobile User

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 30, 2001–

Host Intrusion Prevention Software Secures Computers on Wireless

LANs to Counteract Vulnerabilities in the 802.11 “Wi-Fi” Standard

New Deployment Options for Data Centers

Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:NSSI), a technology leader in active intrusion prevention solutions for e-Business networks, today introduced CyberwallPLUS 7.0, the latest version of its advanced host-based Internet security solutions for network servers and end-user computers. CyberwallPLUS 7.0 secures the machines of mobile enterprise users to counteract the vulnerabilities in the wireless standard 802.11B. In addition, dial-up Internet access has been added to existing high-speed access to protect remote users.

In speaking of the problem with the 802.11 wireless standard that the new CyberwallPLUS version addresses, a recent article in the New York Times pointed out, “The flaws could make it possible for an intruder who is physically close to a network to masquerade as a legitimate user in a supposedly private network.” With corporations rapidly adopting wireless technology, the problem is critical in the protection of their informational assets.

CyberwallPLUS 7.0 is available in two versions: CyberwallPLUS-SV

7.0 for robust server security, and CyberwallPLUS-WS 7.0 for the protection of mobile, remote, and network-connected end-user computers. These advanced, host-based software security products integrate the robust access control usually found only in expensive perimeter firewalls with stateful packet inspection, and intrusion detection.

Other significant features that increase CyberwallPLUS’ attractiveness in the enterprise market have been added. In large data center installations, CyberwallPLUS-SV now supports server clusters and load balancing. Teaming Network Interface Card (NIC) support enables dedicated security for servers with multiple LAN connections. CyberwallPLUS 7.0 is centrally managed for rapid enterprise-wide security deployments. These new features greatly increase the deployment flexibility of CyberwallPLUS.

“We have always greatly appreciated the deployment flexibility of CyberwallPLUS,” said Robert J. Miller, President and CEO of CorrectNet, a leading Application Service Provider. “Now with CyberwallPLUS 7.0’s support for network load balancing and cluster servers, we have the full range of options we need to support even the largest applications suites for enterprise customers.”

“With the well publicized limitations of perimeter-based security solutions, the enterprise market is increasingly turning to host-based intrusion prevention solutions like CyberwallPLUS to provide a second layer of defense,” said Avi Fogel, President and CEO of Network-1. “CyberwallPLUS meets the urgent need for a robust, centrally-managed solution to secure mobile, remote, and centralized corporate users. Enterprises and service providers now recognize the need for dedicated server security on their lifeblood applications. CyberwallPLUS 7.0 is designed to meet these needs through our advanced intrusion prevention solutions for servers and clients. This is also a new-generation product that will enable easy porting to a wide variety of enterprise computing environments. It combines the benefits of access control, stateful packet inspection, and intrusion detection, under the auspices of a central management console.”

“Network-1 is showing early leadership with CyberwallPLUS in the emerging convergence of host intrusion detection systems and host firewalling,” said Chris Christiansen, Vice President of Internet Infrastructure and Security Software at International Data Corporation (IDC).

Features of CyberwallPLUS-7.0

802.11 / Wireless LAN Support. Support for 802.11 enables mobile users on the corporate campus, wireless users in remote offices, or those at home to be secured exactly like those wired to a network. Wireless LANs enable anyone within a broadcast perimeter to gain access to the private network. The encryption of 802.11 has been found to be weak, which exacerbates this vulnerability. However, hackers are blocked from making unwanted intrusions into machines protected by CyberwallPLUS 7.0.

Dial-up Support. Employees who travel and work beyond the traditional office environment still require robust security when using Internet dial-up and high-speed access, such as DSL or a cable modem. The vulnerabilities associated with these always-on, high-speed Internet access connections are also a threat with dial-up connections. Securing the end-user machine protects its local information resources; prevents it from being used as a launch pad for Distributed Denial of Service attacks by “jailing” malicious code; and secures it against being used as an entry point to the corporate network by hackers.

Network Load Balancing and Cluster Server Support. With the trend towards co-hosting applications and rapidly growing data centers, it is important to offer effective security solutions where several network servers are configured to work as an integrated unit to support single applications and suites.

Teaming NIC Support. In large enterprise networks, servers may use teamed NIC’s for backup purposes. Data traffic to and from these LAN connections can now be effectively secured with CyberwallPLUS 7.0. This solution is designed for compatibility with 3Com and other popular teaming NIC technologies.

CyberwallPLUS 7.0 integrates multi-layered techniques to provide

stringent host intrusion prevention. The first line of defense is

fine-grained packet filtering. Stateful packet inspection works

dynamically with the firewall to open and close ports, severing

connections that have transmitted malformed packets or those

demonstrating unexpected states. Two intrusion detection techniques,

rate-based attack detection and signature profiling, are used to stop

attacks and to “jail” code associated with misuse attacks.

Pricing and Availability

CyberwallPLUS-SV and WS 7.0 will be available May 31, 2001.

CyberwallPLUS-SV (Server) prices start at $1,095.

CyberwallPLUS-WS (Workstation) prices start at $995 per “10 pack.”

About Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc.

Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: NSSI) is a leader in active intrusion prevention products that allow organizations to open up for e-Business. Distributed intrusion prevention combines the benefits of access control and host-based network intrusion detection/prevention allowing e-Businesses to scale the secure processing of incoming and outgoing traffic. In addition, distributed intrusion prevention protects critical data servers from abuses by those with “insider access” and enables the deployment of multiple layers of defense against breaches by outsiders. Additional details about the Company and its products are available at:

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