Nokia Unveils the Industry’s First Multi-Gigabit Platform Delivering Breakthrough Check Point FireWall-1 Throughput

Nokia IP740 delivers highest FireWall-1 performance in the industry

(June 26, 2001) – Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Check Point Software Technologies (NASDAQ:CHKP) today set a new industry benchmark in gigabit firewalls with the introduction of Nokia’s IP740 security appliance. This newest Nokia appliance features specialized performance technology jointly developed with Check Point. The result of this innovation is a solution capable of over 1.5 gigabits per second of secure firewall throughput, making the Nokia IP740 ideal for corporate data centers and business critical service provider network environments. The Nokia IP740, tightly integrates Check Point ‘s VPN-1(TM)/FireWall-1® software, Nokia’s purpose-built hardware platform and fully integrated hardened and optimized OS. This combination offers the most attractive and cost effective solution for gigabit firewall performance on the market.

The IP740 is the newest member of Nokia’s industry leading Internet security appliance portfolio. Featuring well over a gigabit per second of secure firewall throughput, the Nokia IP740 is unequalled in its class for performance and functionality. The IP740 extends the choice of “Secured by Check Point” appliances to ensure secure, manageable and reliable communications between networks, systems, applications and users across the Internet, intranets and extranets.

“Nokia’s IP740 demonstrates their continued commitment to delivering the high performance and highly resilient Internet appliances demanded by customers in today’s security environment,” says Joel Conover, Analyst of Current Analysis. ” The fact that Nokia and Check Point have collaborated to deliver this kind of value and price performance in a gigabit firewall appliance, reinforces their strong position and the power of their combined efforts. I anticipate the IP740 will be applauded by demanding data center implementations that require constant uptime and the highest level of security, without sacrifice.”

“Our customers recognize that performance is more than just throughput. It is also as much about reliability, rapid deployment and manageability. The IP740 hits the mark on all of these aspects,” says Bob Brace, vice president of marketing, Nokia Internet Communications. “The Nokia IP740 extends our customer’s options while fully leveraging their existing investments in policy management, software, training and personnel.”

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with Nokia to support the introduction of the Nokia IP740, the first gigabit throughput ‘Secured by Check Point’ appliance,” said Asheem Chandna, vice president of business development and product management of Check Point Software Technologies. “The Nokia IP740 leverages Check Point’s SecureXL architecture and provides a breakthrough high-performance security solution for enterprise and service provider data centers.”

The Nokia IP740’s unique bus architecture significantly increases the internal bandwidth capacity and enables maximum traffic throughput. Beyond its gigabit firewalling capabilities, the IP740 is designed for maximum network uptime with its hot swappable components and redundant power supply option. It includes four integrated Ethernet interfaces, two type II PCMCIA slots offering support for modems and four CPCI slots for gigabit Ethernet, and a flexible range of local and wide-area network interfaces. In addition the IP740 has an internal slot that can be fitted with other feature cards such as a VPN accelerator.

The IP740 is quickly and easily set up and configured from either local or remote locations through Nokia Network Voyager, the award winning Nokia browser-based GUI management software. The Nokia IP740 is also fully supported by Nokia Horizon Manager, Nokia’s secure software image management tool, designed to dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with deploying, upgrading, tracking and maintaining software in networked environments. Consistent with the entire IP network security appliance portfolio, the Nokia IP740 is pre-configured and tested for rapid deployment, offers full IP routing with a comprehensive suite of IP routing protocols, and is backed by Nokia’s world class “First Call – Final Resolution” global service and support.


The Nokia IP740 platform is scheduled for availability in August 2001 in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Nokia IP Network Security Solutions combine market-leading security software and world class IP routing delivering high-performance network security solutions. Whether in need of a small office security solution, a security appliance ideal for securing the corporate satellite office, or a solution designed for the medium and large business needs with high availability applications, Nokia offers a full range of world class, award winning network protection appliances. Nokia’s full range of network protection and extension solutions are designed to meet the most demanding Internet security challenges.

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