SecureInfo Corp. Expands SecureTraining Institute

SAN ANTONIO, TX. – June 13, 2001 – SecureInfo Corporation has expanded its business operations to include the newly formed SecureTraining Institute which has added an additional 3000 feet of classroom space and new offices to SecureInfo Corp.’s current location in the Koger Center.

Keith Frederick, SecureInfo Corporation’s President said the SecureTraining Institute will offer proactive businesses four new security courses including HIPAA Compliance Training, HIPAA Privacy & Security Self Assessment Methodology, Total Information Protection Process, and the Corporate Information Security Certification & Accreditation Process (CISCAP).

SecureInfo currently has several contracts with the Department of Defense to teach Network Security Certification courses at locations in PA, HI, TX, and CO. The San Antonio corporate headquarters has hosted students from as far away as Germany, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

SecureInfo Corporation’s founders co-authored the security certification process currently used by the Department of Defense, and have been training Military CyberSecurity Personnel on security certification processes since 1992. Based on their extensive hands-on instructional experience, they have modeled their Corporate Security Certification (CISCAP) class on the same process, and applied it to the technological demands of eBusiness and Corporate America.

“Our Corporate Certification course will teach attendees to perform comprehensive testing and analysis of their computer system and its environment to determine the level-of-risk of operating that system. They will learn how to plan for a disaster, develop a system security policy, assess their threats & vulnerabilities, and build a security architecture for their networks ” said Frederick.

About SecureInfo Corporation

Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, SecureInfo Corporation is the leading CyberSecurity Service, Consulting, Training and Vulnerability Intelligence Products provider utilizing the network certification and accreditation process (C&A) for its global clients. The founders assisted in the creation of the DITSCAP process, now the security standard for the U.S. Department of Defense. With over 300 years of combined industry experience, SecureInfo Corporation offers this C&A process to Corporations as CISCAP. It is the highest form of information protection available, which integrates computer, personnel, product, information, physical and communications security policies to develop a true “end-to-end” security solution.

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