Sygate Secure Enterprise 2.0 Protects the Enterprise Against New Generation of Viruses

Sygate Debuts First Distributed Security Engine With Centralized Management To Protect the Enterprise From New Threats Introduced via Trusted Traffic

FREMONT, Calif., June 19 /PRNewswire/ — Sygate Technologies, the leader in securing the remote enterprise, today unveiled a new version of its flagship product suite, enabling IT professionals to successfully defend their organizations from a new generation of stealthy viruses. These emerging corporate security threats have the power to fool traditional defenses by changing the way they look several times a day, or masquerading as known computer programs. They prey on the unprotected machines of remote workers and mobile professionals to gain access to corporate data centers via existing VPN and wireless communications, giving hackers unrestricted access to valuable databases and files.

“Sygate Secure Enterprise has performed exactly as advertised, and has allowed us to manage an increasingly mobile workforce with minimal effort in both deployment and support,” said Dan Hale, Network Administrator at Alcatel IND. “Our corporate security policy has been enhanced by the umbrella of protection the Sygate products afford us.”

Based on its newly announced advanced security architecture, Sygate’s SSE 2.0 combines a sophisticated security agent that runs on each client with one or more management servers that are centrally located or distributed across the enterprise. The agent uses a heuristic security engine together with a powerful set of countermeasures and security policies to: a) reduce the visibility of the network to these new threats, b) detect and block these frequently changing viruses that infiltrate networks, hidden inside trusted IP traffic to “hijack” a computer and its communication links, and c) collect valuable security data to trace attacks and assess the organization’s security posture.

“Personal computer defenses must adapt to dynamic and evolving threats,” said John Girard, Vice President and Research Director with Gartner Group. “Effective protection requires that an enterprise not only chooses the protection features that will be distributed to their users’ workstations, but also that the enterprise sets access control policy for remote systems, and that it monitors the types and patterns of attacks that occur at a client level. In essence, personal firewalls must grow into the role of serving as extensions to the enterprise firewall.”

Undetected by traditional anti-virus and intrusion detection products that rely on having a known “picture” of the virus for identification, these stealthy new viruses easily penetrate organizations via email, web, or other trusted traffic. After a machine is infected, or “hijacked,” hackers can gain unrestricted access to corporate databases and files, information whose value and sensitivity can range from financial and credit information to intellectual property and employees’ confidential information. Hijacked computers are also often used as “zombies” to launch attacks on other organizations.

Sygate’s SSE 2.0 addresses those threats head-on. It delivers a centrally managed security umbrella that covers all mobile clients, whose end points reside inside each client, enforcing compliance with security policies, blocking attacks as well as collecting and forwarding valuable security data. The new heuristic security engine combines a powerful set of XML security countermeasures and policies with a multilayer traffic and application monitoring probe, enabling it to detect and instantly block complex IP attacks that have never been seen before. Extensive correlations between traffic patterns, applications in use, IP addresses involved, types of connection employed, protocol stacks used, and ports that are open and closed serve to catch and block malicious activities.

Enterprise security policies, which have traditionally relied on active compliance from each employee, can now be automatically and transparently enforced, reducing corporate exposure. Highly granular and flexible policies can be defined and deployed from a centrally located server, enabling workers to stay safe and productive no matter where they connect from. Policies can be attached to each user, and made to follow users as they change location (for example, home to office) or method of connection (from switched Ethernet, to wireless LAN, to VPN over DSL). Policies can be propagated globally by group or subgroup if required, allowing seamless management of thousands of employees from the Sygate console. The solution leverages existing LDAP and corporate directories to provide industry-leading scalability and manageability.

With SSE 2.0, risks of attacks are reduced, Denial of Service (DOS) attacks are blocked, and malicious invasions are trapped. Enterprises are able to secure their investment in VPNs and wireless technology and protect their network.

Sygate Secure Enterprise 2.0 is the first enterprise solution available on Sygate’s new security architecture, also introduced today. For more information, see the press release, “Sygate Technologies Unveils Powerful New Architecture To Secure The Enterprise,” at SSE 2.0 is available immediately, priced starting at $60 per protected seat. For more information visit or call 877-997-9237.

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Sygate Technologies, Inc.(TM), founded in 1995, is the leader in securing the mobile enterprise. Protecting more than two million networks worldwide, Sygate secures Internet devices, mobile computers and corporate desktops from intrusion and misuse.

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