[ The History of MOD ] – book four



MOD.book.FOUR [End of ’90-1991]

Two weeks before his bust, Lord Micro was introduced into the group. Unfortunately he was busted for hacking FON cards off the 800/877-8000. Sure, he knew he was gonna get busted but he didn’t listen, or care for that matter. After hours (and hours, and hours) of community service, LM lived to joke about his ordeal being that he IS a funny guy. Don’t ever get this guy drunk.

For quite a long time now, MOD has come to realize what a bunch of idiot posers the LOD was (with the exception of a few). It just goes to show, ANYONE can be a great hacker as long as enough people think so too. Why bother resparking interest in LOD? Why bother keeping the damn thing going when the new members aren’t half as good as the originals? I don’t know, but you can ask Erik Bloodaxe who is the self-proclaimed “leader” at this point in time. Jeez, and I thought bringing back TAP was stupid.

Another poser that came out of the woodwork is Skandle (STAN), who somehow decided he had power in DPAK (Supernigger’s group). After hours of trying to figure this one out, we just had to conclude was just another dumb Jersey hick. Oh well.. so much for that.

A new group, FORCE 1(ONE) Hackers led by Expose(which sounds fuckin gay if ya ask me), decided to declare war on MOD. Assisted by Hellrat, he says: “You guys (MOD) should stay out of the hackin’ buziness ‘cuz none of my fellas are ‘fraid of you. I’ll take all of you out myself.” …along with a lot of other nonsense about 10-way billing and other ca-ca he’s read in one too many g-files.

One thing that’s cool is the addition of a lamer database online (on wingnet now MODNET). It’s great when you’re planning roll-ups and shit and it’s a great organizer that takes care of all that rummaging through papers and shit. Hundreds of losers for hours of fun!

During the first week in February, LOD finally declared,”That’s it! It’s official now. LOD declares war on MOD!” Oh brother..

eenie-meenie-minie-moe..I declare war on…..YOU! Nyah-nyah. Well, it is now the second week of February and the only thing that has happened so far in the “MOD-LOD War” is that there were about 5 invalid login attempts on modnet. It seems that “MOB” has decided to join in the war. What a fucking joke, they are tied with MCWS for lameness (which isn’t hard to do).

The legacy of the underground “clandestine” network continues and so does the war (and ridiculing) against all the self-proclaimed, so-called “elite”.

–EOF (MOD.book.4)


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