Tridia Corporation Disagrees With TIME’s Portrayal of All VNC as Spyware


CEO strongly emphasizes his TridiaVNC software does not fit the destructive mold set by TIME author

Tridia Corporation, a global provider of eSupport tools that empower remote system administration for live collaboration, security, support, and training announced that TIME magazine’s portrayal of all VNC (virtual network computing) software as “spyware” is not accurate.

Given the situation portrayed in the article, similar spying results would prove virtually impossible with the highly secure TridiaVNC – a VNC hybrid. As experts on the topic, Tridia Corporation purposely improved TridiaVNC beyond the basic, insecure, remote access features of VNC. For security, TridiaVNC includes access notification, passwords, and timeouts for passwords. A soon to be announced TridiaVNC Pro version will grow the currently available remote access features and security.

“Regrettably, TIME chose to attack all the VNCs together rather than point out that there are improved, supported, hybrid versions like our TridiaVNC product,” says Vince Frese, chief executive officer of Tridia Corporation. “Calling VNC `spyware’ makes for good copy but it exaggerates the likelihood of this ever happening especially with our TridiaVNC product. Just about any household item can be turned into a weapon if misused. Valuable business tools like e-mail can also be misused to achieve catastrophic results. Should we describe e-mail software as virusware? I think not.”

TridiaVNC provides IT with a secure and quick means to remotely reboot Windows NT servers, provide global help desk services, and collaborate in real time on management and training issues. Its extraordinary adaptability allows companies to use TridiaVNC in multiple eSupport applications without having to support several products.

“Tens of thousands of companies use TridiaVNC for remote collaboration, security, support, and training,” says Frese. “Our TridiaVNC version of VNC is a powerful eSupport tool that companies like AT&T Canada, Boeing, Intel, and Zhone Technologies rely upon. It’s ridiculous for TIME to treat VNC as anything short of a valuable management resource. We have the customers to prove it.”

About Tridia Corporation

Tridia Corporation has long been a leading developer of Unix-based eSupport technologies. Tridia brings this experience to the Open Source and Microsoft Windows communities where it provides value priced eSupport solutions that empower remote system administration for live collaboration, security, support, and training. Founded in 1987, Tridia Corporation is a privately owned, Atlanta-based software development company.

For more information on TridiaVNC telephone Charlotte Canup at (770) 428-5000 ext. 105 or visit the TridiaVNC Web site at For TridiaVNC developer information please visit

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