TrustWorks Systems Delivers Trusted Security for Remote and Roaming Users

Provides Faster Deployment, Central Management of Cisco and TrustWorks VPN and Firewall Agents, Transparent User Mobility and Best of Breed Interoperability with Third Party Security Components —

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – July 17, 2001 – TrustWorks Systems, an innovator in network security solutions, today announced that “Trusted Security for Remote and Roaming Users” is now shipping as an integral part of the company’s latest VPN security platform. Trusted Security delivers powerful remote and roaming user security enforcement and management benefits that make deploying and managing roaming users dramatically easier and less costly than other solutions. TrustWorks’ new Trusted Security solution is connection independent, providing a secure connection wherever a user is located. Each individual client is both a distributed firewall and an IPsec VPN agent that supports strong user authentication, access control and data communication protection for information that resides on corporate networks.

Trusted Security from TrustWorks provides strong security for companies wishing to use the Internet for e-business communications among employees and external partners. Several key attributes distinguish TrustWorks Trusted Security from other currently available security tools. These include:

· Efficient central management of Cisco and TrustWorks VPN and Firewall agents

· End-to-end security between users and applications

· Powerful, transparent VPN client for mobile users

· Rapid deployment via one click installation

· Best-of -breed interoperability with third party security components

“Until now, managing security deployments meant administrators needed to have physical possession of each computer to install network security. With TrustWorks Trusted Security, installation can be more conveniently accomplished by the user via a “one-click” download from a corporate server or Web site, with user identity and security privileges defined on a separate cryptographic token,” said Dr. Alexander Galitsky, Founder and President of TrustWorks Systems. “The user simply installs the token to receive the initial security privileges. When changes in security policy are required, they are automatically pushed to the user computer in real time. When users move across protected network perimeters, each agent automatically reconfigures itself without manual intervention, making strong security protection transparent to the user.”

The TrustWorks security platform is based on the company’s proprietary CD2 (create, derive and deliver) technology. TrustWorks’ central security management console, the Trusted Global Security Manager, enables administrators to manage security privileges based on business objects, rather than specifying security policy on a per device basis. The CD² engine provides a framework for creating security policy, then automatically derives and delivers individual security configurations to all enforcement nodes throughout the network. This provides enormous savings in time and eliminates security conflicts that can occur when device settings are specified individually.

For customers using Cisco-based networks, TrustWorks enables central management of roaming users, Cisco IOS Gateways and PIX Firewalls, all from a single interface.

“As business users become more mobile, corporations require enhanced secure connectivity to a breadth of network resources, no matter where users are located or how they connect to the corporate network”, Dr. Galitsky added. “Previously, providing secure connections for roaming users has been very limited and extremely difficult to manage. With the TrustWorks Trusted Security solution, administrators can now centrally control and easily manage strong network security for large populations of roaming users”.

Network security systems today require more than just a single solution from a single vendor. Strong interoperability is a key element in any successful deployment and a cornerstone of every TrustWorks solution. TrustWorks pre-tests all of its products with leading PKI, smart card, USB fob, encryption algorithm and directory solutions. This eliminates implementation bottlenecks and assures that TrustWorks customers can benefit from the heterogeneous mix of security products that they already own.

About TrustWorks Systems

TrustWorks Systems develops and markets security products that unify the management of third-party solutions, providing a consistent means to visualize, define and manage network security for virtually any user, resource or service throughout an enterprise, regardless of the actual device performing security enforcement. TrustWorks solutions allow security to be managed based on how businesses operate rather than the complexity of the underlying network.

TrustWorks Systems is a private company with headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and offices in Paris, France; Moscow, Russia; and San Jose, California. For further information, please visit or contact us via email at

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