Aladdin Security Advisory: New ‘Vote’ Virus Exploits Terrorism Fears

eSafe proactive content security solution automatically protects organizations

CHICAGO, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ — Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq: ALDN) today announced its eSafe content security solution provides automatic protection against a new Win32.Vote virus designed to draw on the worldwide fear of terrorism.

“The ‘Vote’ virus inflicts the same type of damage that we see with common viruses,” said Ofer Elzam, senior security expert at Aladdin Knowledge Systems. “However, this virus is particularly noteworthy because its creators are using people’s fear of terrorism to increase its chances of spreading quickly.”

The virus arrives as an email with an attached executable file. If executed, it attempts to delete all files from the Windows folder and overwrite all HTM and HTML files it finds. It also attempts to download a file from a specific Web site and then deletes the directories of several anti- virus programs.

The arriving email comes with a subject called “Peace Between America and Islam!” The text of the email says “Hi! iS iT A waR Against AmeriCa Or IsLam! Let’s Vote To Live in Peace!” After running, it will display the propaganda message “AmeRiCa …Few Days WiLL Show You What We Can Do !!! It’s Our Turn >>> ZaCkEr is So Sorry For You.” Clearly using the abbreviation of the World Trade Center to further lure recipients, the attachment is called “WTC.EXE.” Aladdin’s proactive eSafe security solution provides full protection against this new threat. eSafe Desktop and Enterprise provide proactive protection against this threat even without an update by using the advanced Sandbox II and System Protection. Aladdin’s Content Security Response Team (CSRT) currently ranks the Win32.Vote virus as a low-level threat. However, due to the emotional nature of the email, Aladdin’s CSRT considers this a potential outbreak and will monitor its infection rate and update the threat level accordingly.

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About eSafe

Aladdin’s eSafe product suite, which includes eSafe Desktop, eSafe Enterprise and eSafe Gateway, provides the most comprehensive protection available against hostile elements on the Internet and gives users confidence in their ability to navigate the Internet safely. eSafe is the only comprehensive suite of content security solutions on the market to provide proactive protection from the gateway to the desktop. It also is the only one to provide Sandbox protection against all forms of malicious content including viruses, vandals and worms. A unique feature found only in Aladdin’s eSafe solutions, the sandbox erects a protective wall around vital system files and isolates all potentially dangerous viruses, vandals and worms in a sterile environment, preventing them from damaging, infecting or stealing from system resources.

Much more than anti-virus protection, the eSafe suite of products enables businesses to:

— Block user’s ability to alter vital system files, thereby reducing IT maintenance and repair costs

— Stop access to Web sites with inappropriate or malicious content, such as hate literature or pornography, or those sites known to propagate viruses

— Restrict outgoing emails from sending classified or prohibited content

About Aladdin Knowledge Systems

Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq: ALDN) was founded in 1985, and for 15 years has achieved steady growth and consistent earnings. This success is a result of the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of software developers and Internet security professionals, as well as a solid history of successful mergers and acquisitions.

Aladdin has gained recognition for products that help organizations securely expand their sphere of business into electronic and Internet mediums, while protecting revenue and preventing exposure of mission-critical data. Aladdin’s products include: eToken, a powerful, two-factor authentication USB device; the eSafe suite of anti-virus and content security solutions; HASP and Hardlock, hardware-based software security systems; and Privilege software commerce solutions.

The face of technology changes every day, and Aladdin is dedicated to meeting the dynamic needs of its clients and the marketplace. With eight company-owned offices and a global network of resellers and distributors, Aladdin supports customers in over 100 countries, providing solutions to millions of individuals and corporations, from financial institutions and Fortune 100 corporations, to federal governments and major educational institutions. Aladdin is proud to be a leader in Internet security and software commerce, bringing new confidence to the global village. For more information please visit .

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