BorderWare Firewall Server Scores Two More Industry Firsts With Its Latest Common Criteria Certification

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 6, 2002–BorderWare Technologies Inc. (BTI) today announced that the BorderWare Firewall Server V6.5 has successfully gained Common Criteria Certification at Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL4).

BorderWare is doubly proud of its latest achievement, as this Certification is the second of its type gained by its Firewall products. In January 2000 the BorderWare Firewall Server V6.1.1 became the first Firewall product worldwide to gain this high level of certification, BorderWare Technologies Inc (BTI) has now gained two more firsts:

1. The first Firewall to receive two EAL4 certifications

2. The first firewall to achieve the higher level of

Vulnerability Analysis normally applied to an EAL5 level of


For consumers, these certifications provide a uniquely independent and internationally recognized assurance of the quality and security of the BorderWare Firewall Server.

The Vulnerability Analysis at the higher level of EAL5 shows the effectiveness of the BorderWare Firewall in dealing with today’s more sophisticated attacks and threats. No other firewall product has yet achieved this level of assurance.

The BorderWare Firewall’s second Common Criteria certification is required to cover the new features of Version 6.5. These features include support for additional network interfaces and a wider range of advanced proxies and servers, adding support for complex applications such as Microsoft’s NetMeeting that are difficult to secure through other Firewalls.

Dr Robin Pizer, Head of the Certification Body at CESG congratulated BorderWare Technologies on gaining their 2nd EAL4 certification and added that independent and objective testing at this level offers invaluable guidance for end-users looking for effective IT security products.

Peter Cox, International Vice President of BorderWare Technologies Inc commented:

“Gaining a second Common Criteria EAL4 certification, while

the majority of Firewall products have yet to gain their

first, marks BTI as a technology leader in network security

products and demonstrates our continued commitment to

delivering a wide range of high quality security solutions”

About Common Criteria

The CC represents the outcome of a series of efforts to develop criteria for evaluation of IT security that are broadly useful within the international community. In the early 1980’s the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC) was developed in the United States. In the succeeding decade, various countries began initiatives to develop evaluation criteria that built upon the concepts of the TCSEC but were more flexible and adaptable to the evolving nature of IT in general.

In Europe, the Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC) version 1.2 was published in 1991 by the European Commission after joint development by the nations of France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. In Canada, the Canadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria (CTCPEC) version 3.0 was published in early 1993 as a combination of the ITSEC and TCSEC approaches. In the United States, the draft Federal Criteria for Information Technology Security (FC) version 1.0 was also published in early 1993, as a second approach to combining North American and European concepts for evaluation criteria.

The first Common Criteria product certifications were completed in the late 1990’s and today some 14 countries have signed the Mutual Recognition Agreement including all the originators of the TCSEC, ITSEC and CTCPEC schemes. For further information on Common Criteria see

About BorderWare Technologies Inc.

BorderWare Technologies Inc. is a private company headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in London, England; Frankfurt, Germany; Stockholm Sweden and San Jose, California. BorderWare’s mission is to develop and market easy-to-use and highly secure Internet Gateway products and services based on its field-proven S-CORE technology, an industrial-strength operating system that forms the secure kernel of all BorderWare products. The company’s flagship product is the BorderWare Firewall Server(TM), an integrated firewall and Internet services gateway. BorderWare’s range of solutions includes VPN client-server solutions, the BorderWare Document Gateway(TM) and the BorderWare Mail Gateway(TM). BorderWare Technologies Inc. was the first firewall vendor to obtain the Common Criteria EAL4 Certification. Visit the BorderWare web site at

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