Cerberian Signs Software Licensing And Distribution Agreement With Snapgear

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – March 12, 2002 – Cerberian, a leading provider of employee Internet management services, and SnapGear, a leading supplier of consumer VPN Router appliances and OEM custom design solutions, today signed a software licensing and distribution agreement.

As part of the agreement, SnapGear will private label and distribute Cerberian’s Internet Manager filtering and reporting service through SnapGear’s Internet security appliances. SnapGear’s plug-and-play appliances are designed for the home, small-to medium-sized businesses and large companies that have branch offices. The appliances feature firewall protection, broadband access sharing, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and free lifetime software updates and bug fixes, among other features.

“SnapGear’s appliances provide security for the smallest home office to companies that have a broad spectrum of users and departments, and that are scattered across several locations,” said Jeff Smith, chief executive officer of Cerberian. “Our Internet Manager combined with SnapGear’s hardware will help companies implement Internet use policies that will be consistent across the entire organization and have the ability to manage those policies from one centrally located administrator. This combined solution makes it simple and affordable for companies to secure their network and information.”

Cerberian’s Internet Manager allows organizations to manage, monitor and report on employee Internet usage, regardless of their employees’ locations, through a Web-based filtering service. The service is designed to help improve employee productivity, minimize legal liability and reduce drain on network bandwidth.

“Cerberian has developed proven technology that fits perfectly into our Internet security appliances,” said Peter Cronk, president of SnapGear Inc. “Both companies are committed to providing affordable, easy-to-use products and services that feature cutting-edge technology and require very little maintenance and support. Our customers will appreciate Cerberian’s integrated software, which manages, filters and reports all Internet activity to maintain the integrity of their networks and the security of their information.”

Cerberian’s technology features one of the industry’s largest databases of pre-viewed and categorized URLs, a patent-pending Rapid Data Capture service, which captures and monitors a computer’s Internet activity, and the company’s patented Dynamic Real-Time Rating (DRTR) technology, The DRTR is based on Neural Net and proprietary vectoring technology that instantly reads (in context), rates and categorizes Web content on the fly.

About SnapGear, Inc.

SnapGear Inc produce the popular SnapGear VPN Routers along with SecureEdge custom design solutions. SnapGear Inc has produced turnkey development, design, manufacturing and fulfillment services for multi-national telecommunications companies. SnapGear solutions are characterised by affordability, tight integration, and design ingenuity. Recent examples include a sport/racing control terminal, an advanced VPN gateway router, and a USB/PCMCIA platform for wireless and peripheral connection.

For more information on SnapGear please visit http://www.snapgear.com

For more information on SecureEdge reference designs and services please visit http://www.secureedge.net

About Cerberian

Cerberian, Inc. provides businesses with the most complete and accurate Internet management solution designed to responsibly manage, secure and protect their Internet assets. Cerberian’s Web-based Internet Manager moves employee Internet management beyond simple blocking and filtering while addressing the four key Internet abuse challenges facing businesses today. These include loss in productivity, drain on bandwidth, liability, and safety. Cerberian’s Rapid Data Capture (RDC) technology combined with its Dynamic Real-Time Rating service provides businesses with a completely outsourced solution that integrates quickly with a company’s existing infrastructure with minimal to no additional capital costs. For more information about Cerberian, please visit www.cerberian.com or e-mail info@cerberian.com.

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