CipherTrust Launches Application-Level Intrusion Detection System To Combat e-Mail-Specific Attacks

Enterprise Companies Save Time and Money With IronMail, a Tightly Integrated, Security Appliance for e-Mail

ATLANTA, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ — CipherTrust announced today the availability of the first intrusion detection system designed specifically for e-mail. By integrating IDS into the IronMail security appliance, CipherTrust enables enterprises to monitor, detect and respond in real time to e-mail application-level threats that are not captured by network-level IDS. Sophisticated new hack attacks exploit e-mail-specific vulnerabilities that network-level security is not designed to detect. IronMail’s IDS acts as a complement to network IDS and firewalls by providing a second layer of e-mail-specific, host-based protection against malicious attacks, including Trojan horses, viruses and worms, missed at the network level. It can notify security managers of impending threats, terminate specific connections to thwart attacks and detect unauthorized activities, including password cracks and system file modifications.

The IronMail product combines five components of protection in one appliance to ensure complete security of e-mail systems. This eliminates the need for corporations to integrate, deploy and maintain individual products within the network infrastructure. IronMail can be installed in about an hour and, upon implementation, immediately protects e-mail servers. IronMail’s combined features significantly reduce customer costs associated with deployment, monitoring and management. The browser-based interface allows e-mail security policies to be easily set and deployed. Server updates administered by CipherTrust also minimize maintenance time and can be driven directly to the appliance.

“As we learned with Nimda, sophisticated, multi-faceted attacks designed to exploit vulnerabilities in Internet applications require application- specific security defenses,” said Richard Stiennon, research director for network security at Gartner. “By implementing application specific defenses, companies can proactively deter even those attacks targeted at newly discovered vulnerabilities. CipherTrust has developed an application defense that protects many enterprises most valuable application – e-mail.”

“E-mail systems are under siege on multiple fronts,” said Jay Chaudhry, chief executive officer of CipherTrust. “Enterprises are finding that network-level protection alone will not prevent the next generation of attacks. IronMail is the first e-mail security appliance to seriously address this challenge. By adding intrusion detection at the application level, we are offering our customers a way to prevent the financial and human resource drain associated with Internet attacks.”

IronMail is the industry’s first security appliance for e-mail. It sits between the network firewall and the mail server(s), adding an all-in-one, e-mail application-specific layer of protection to the network security infrastructure. In addition to IDS, IronMail features include:

* Mail-Firewall protects the e-mail server from attacks, including hacker intrusion and denial of service.

* Anti-Virus provides gateway-based defense against Trojan horses, viruses and worms.

* Policy Manager allows corporations to define, monitor, and enforce corporate e-mail policies.

* E-mail Encryption allows message protection using SSL/TLS encryption.

IronMail also now includes HTTP proxy, which secures Web-based e-mail systems such as Microsoft Outlook Web Access from intruders and malicious code such as the Nimda worm.

IronMail provides comprehensive e-mail security for mail servers, including Microsoft(R) Exchange and Lotus(R) Notes, and works with mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora.

Price and Availability

CipherTrust’s IronMail appliance, including e-mail-specific intrusion detection, is currently available. IronMail is offered in several models designed to suit the different needs of medium and large enterprises. Pricing for IronMail starts at $17,500.

About CipherTrust

As the provider of the industry’s first e-mail security appliance, CipherTrust, Inc. is dedicated to the design and delivery of e-mail security products offering the reliability and scalability demanded by medium and large enterprises. CipherTrust’s flagship product, IronMail, is an appliance that provides protection from hackers, anti-virus and anti-spam, policy enforcement, and in-transit e-mail protection. For more information, visit or call 877.448.8625.

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