Columbitech Wireless VPN for Pocket PC 2002 to Start Beta Testing With Select Partners

STOCKHOLM, Sweden–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 17, 2001–

Worldwide wireless equipment vendors, service providers, and

software providers to verify wireless VPN’s security

strengths and performance

Columbitech, a leading provider of secure wireless data solutions today announced a beta program with select companies that are testing their Columbitech Wireless VPN for Pocket PC 2002.

The beta program is open to all companies interested in providing security, convenience, and performance for wireless access to corporate data.

This initial product analysis will present Columbitech partners with a first-hand look at exactly how Columbitech Wireless VPN for Pocket PC 2002 will provide added value for end-users – always-on experience, enhanced data speed, end-to-end security, and seamless roaming – for each of their product offerings and ultimately to their own customers. Based on the success of the Beta program for Columbitech Wireless VPN for Windows 2000, Columbitech expects the outcome of the testing to be successful and demonstrate a proof of concept.

“Pocket PC is a key platform that enterprises are now using to introduce mobility into their workforce – our Pocket PC beta program shows that we have maintained our goal to deliver a relevant and effective solution to enterprises,” said Pontus Bergdahl, CEO of Columbitech. “The relationships we have with equipment manufacturers, service providers, and software providers, help demonstrate the proof points showing that we really have the wireless applications and features that corporations need, on the devices and platforms they use.”

Columbitech recently demonstrated its product at the Fall 2001 CTIA show. White papers are available for downloading at

About Columbitech

Columbitech is a privately held company located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is focused on secure wireless data communication. Columbitech’s technology features end-to-end security, scalability, network roaming and handover, and enhanced compression. For additional information, please visit Columbitech’s Web site at

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