GlobalSign Launches

Brussels, November 19, 2001 – GlobalSign, one of the leading European providers of PKI solutions and services, has launched a pan-European web site GlobalSign took the initiative in order to stress the importance of the use of digital certificates while doing transactions over the Internet and to raise awareness amongst the web users with regard to this issue. A recent survey conducted by GlobalSign demonstrates that raising awareness on digital signatures is essential. In view of the recently approved legislation, which gives a signed e-mail the same legal weight as a signed letter signature, GlobalSign has launched with the very first initiative in Europe to promote digital signatures. Before implementing the concept Europe wide, GlobalSign successfully launched it in the Benelux and the UK.

Digital signatures are – like the handwritten signature – used on documents to sign communication and certain documents. The cornerstone of digital signatures are the digital certificates, which combine features like user authentication, confidentiality and integrity and non-repudiation of messages.

Since almost all member states of the European Union have met the target of implementing the EU Digital Signature Directive 99/93 by the July 19, 2001 deadline, Europe now has the legal framework for electronic signatures to have a positive effect on e-commerce. As businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations are IT-intensive and totally dependent on their information systems to operate on operational, tactical, and even strategic levels, e-security gains importance.

“Our own survey conducted in April 2001 shows that there is a great demand for information on digital signatures. In view of the recently approved legislation we perceive a certain lack of clarity, since many people tangle up the concept of the digital signature with the electronic signature. With this web site, we we want to provide an information channel that is as complete as possible, where European Internet users find answers on all their questions regarding digital signatures.

In order to familiarise European Internet users with the use of digital signatures, the web site offers a demo-certificate for 1 month”, says Juergen Dierickx, Head of Marketing & Communications GlobalSign.

GlobalSign, a pioneer in the PKI business since 1996, is a fast-growing international Trust Services Provider, headquartered in Brussels. GlobalSign is active worldwide as a Certification Authority. GlobalSign develops flexible outsourced PKI-solutions, and offers certification services for e- and m-business. GlobalSign has developed an international Network of Trust throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. GlobalSign is also the official Certification Authority for the European Commission and works with strategic groups and associations such as, among others, EESSI and EEMA. GlobalSign’s shareholders are Vodafone Group Plc, Ubizen, ING-Barings, Bruficom, GIMV, Technicom and KBC Bank.

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