Hacker Detection and Prevention Included in LokBox Software’s New Internet Server Monitoring Software


LokBox Software Introduces Multi-Purpose Internet Server Monitoring

Software That Includes Several Intrusion Detection

and Prevention Features

LokBox Software of San Francisco today announced the release of InternetPeriscope, its multi-purpose internet server monitoring and auditing software. InternetPeriscope includes a wide array of features and tools that will be most useful to System Administrators of small and large networks of internet servers. Along with its many useful monitoring tools the product also includes several intrusion detection devices that will greatly assist the administrator in managing intrusion prevention and tracking as well as hacker detection and identification.

InternetPeriscope enables Administrators to monitor a network’s web, DNS, SMTP and POP (mail) servers for real-time and potential problems, notifying System Administrators of any problems via a graphical interface. The unique security features will analyze servers for hacker vulnerabilities, provide real-time detection of hacker intrusions and maintain a clear history of intrusion attempts. Moreover, installed hacker software can be detected via remote checking capabilities. These features, plus other internet and RPC services offer the capability to conduct thorough security audits in less than an hour.

Greg Thatcher, founder and CEO of Lokbox Software is also the primary developer of InternetPeriscope. This development was guided by his twenty years as a Systems Administrator and a software/website developer. “I needed a point-and-click tool that would enable me to take a more proactive role in managing my machines. Writing custom admin scripts just wasn’t hacking it anymore, so I wrote InternetPeriscope. Now, I have one tool that gives me a graphical view of how my machines are doing, makes monthly security audits a cinch, and gives me quick access to tools (Whois, DNS, Subnet tools) which I use on a daily basis.”

Beyond the tools already mentioned, InternetPeriscope offers several more useful functions. Machines can be analyzed remotely to find out what Internet Services and RPC Services (Unix and Windows) are running on them. The same tools can be used to find out what users, sessions, shares, and groups are on the Windows machines. Finally, several additional general purpose tools exist to assist the Systems Administrator including Whois (including wildcard domain name searches), DNS, and a subnet calculator.

Following is a summary of the tools offered on InternetPeriscope that will assist Systems Administrators in their jobs and allow Technology Executives a better, more timely view of their networks;

1.) Monitors web servers, SMTP Servers, POP Servers, DNS Servers

2.) Detects intrusion attempts by hackers in real-time (IDS)

3.) Remotely performs security audits on your machines

4.) Port Scan feature (TCP and UDP)

5.) Remotely finds all RPC services (Unix and Windows)

6.) Remotely finds all NetBT shares, groups, users, sessions on

Windows machines

7.) Checks web server for scripts prone to hacker attacks

8.) Checks for “null session” vulnerability

9.) Whois tool which includes wildcard domain name search

10.) DNS tool for debugging DNS problems

InternetPeriscope can be downloaded for a free 30 day trial at http://www.lokboxsoftware.com. After thirty days the product can be purchased at the same location.

About LokBox Software — LokBox Software is located in San Francisco. Greg Thatcher, founder and CEO of the company has over twenty years of experience as a software developer and system administrator. In addition to leading the development of InternetPeriscope, Thatcher has provided software and web solutions in C++, Java, ASP, Javascript, Perl, ASP, and SQL for many clients, including: Sun Microsystems, The Grubb Co., the Japanese Trade Organization, Living Books, FCB, Visa Online, Red Dot Interactive, Netmarketmakers, Sega, Turner New Media, Berkeley Systems, and BARRA. His software development experience spans all major industries. For more information about Lokbox Software please visit our website at http://www.lokboxsoftware.com.

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