Hard Disk Encryption Improves Laptop Security Under Windows XP

Utimaco Safeware’s SafeGuard® Easy for Windows XP Ensures Confidentiality and Integrity of Nomadic Data

Oberursel, March 1, 2002 – In the run-up to CeBIT 2002, Utimaco Safeware is launching a new version of its SafeGuard® Easy encryption solution for the Windows XP platform. Utimaco Safeware’s tried and tested flagship product is particularly designed to protect laptops from unauthorised access and manipulation of their configuration or covert reading of their data. Working almost invisible and insuperable, SafeGuard® Easy guarantees that mobile Windows XP users are ensured security for their sensitive information. This security is provided by lightning-fast initial encryption and invulnerable algorithms.

According to a study by the American insurance company The Insurance Agency in the Year 2000, 387,000 laptops were stolen in the USA alone. Experts estimate that the caused economic loss vastly exceeds the cost of simply replacing the devices. The mobile devices, increasingly being used by management and external staff, often store sensitive business data or authentication details needed to access their corporate network. Without additional protection, they and can be accessed by anyone. This applies not just if the laptop is stolen, but at any time when it is not being watched over.

With more than one million users, SafeGuard® Easy is the world’s most popular program for hard disk encryption, certified according to Common Criteria. Porting to Windows XP is the next logical step to meet the continuing high levels of demand for solutions to secure mobile data on PCs and laptops. This is a global trend. For example, Utimaco Safeware recently signed a major order in Canada for SafeGuard® Easy worth over 1.5 million Euros, which further strengthened its position as a world leader in this area. Market analysts like Gartner also forecast increases in budgets and demand in the “Laptop/PDA protection” market.

Utimaco Safeware AG is one of the leading European manufacturers of professional IT security solutions. The security technology and solutions developed by Utimaco Safeware protect the electronic data of companies and government bodies against unauthorized access and guarantees that business processes and administrative procedures in the electronic world are binding and confidential.

Utimaco Safeware’s Personal Device Security LOB supplies technologies and solutions for IT security in the areas of high-level authentication including biometric techniques, encryption and integrity checks. These products and solutions safeguard information on PCs, laptops, and PDAs both at the workplace and when on the move.

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