Intellitactics Forges Strategic Alliance with Stonesoft

Intellitactics Forges Strategic Alliance with Stonesoft to Advance Level of Enterprise Security Management Technology Available in Market

Best-of-breed vendors team to raise the bar in secure, highly-available business solutions

Kitchener, Ontario – March 25, 2002 – Intellitactics, a leader in enterprise security management software, today announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Stonesoft Corporation, a worldwide provider of enterprise-level network security and high availability clustering technology.

According to Brent Davidson, Intellitactics’ Director of Strategic Development, the partnership serves to heighten the level of Enterprise Security Management (ESM) capability currently available in the market. Stonesoft’s StoneBeat ServerCluster solution will allow Intellitactics’ customers to increase scalability and availability by adding load balancing and fault tolerance capabilities to Intellitactics’ Network Security Manager??-ž¢ (NSM??-ž¢) software solution.

“This new relationship will allow Intellitactics to better serve its customers by offering a higher performance, higher availability NSM solution,” says Davidson. “Our customers rely on NSM to provide critical security information for making important business decisions quickly and easily. The integration of NSM with ServerCluster will ensure that our customers can maintain increased security vigilance by continuously monitoring and responding to security situations, preserving the integrity of audit and forensic data, and ultimately limiting corporate risk.”

Stonesoft’s ServerCluster is a high availability clustering technology that enables corporations running business-critical applications such as network applications, storage and database servers, and e-commerce sites to maintain near 100% uptime, regardless of software or hardware failure.

Intellitactics’ Network Security Manager software monitors normalizes and correlates the security data produced by hundreds of security devices and applications in real time, looks for patterns of suspicious activity, identifies internal and external threats, and provides analyses and strategies for protecting the information on corporate networks.

The integration of ServerCluster and NSM will give security staff increased confidence and assurance that corporate mission critical assets will be fully protected 24×7, even if software or hardware components malfunction. As the risk and sophistication of cyber-threats grow, this capability is essential. Security teams must have access to real-time data around the clock so they can detect, analyze, and respond immediately and effectively to threats as they occur, not hours later when an attack could have severely damaged the corporation.

“Stonesoft is very excited about the partnership with Intellitactics,” says Mark Moeller, VP of Marketing, Stonesoft Inc. “We were actively seeking an enterprise security software partner to incorporate our easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain clustering solutions and felt Intellitactics’ advanced Network Security Manager product was a perfect fit.”

“Intellitactics has built a reputation for excellence by continually improving software capabilities and partnering with important innovators,” adds Davidson. “We believe that the relationship with Stonesoft significantly reinforces our commitment to provide the best tools to the enterprise security community.”

About Intellitactics, Inc.

Intellitactics is a leading software company specializing in Enterprise Security Management (ESM). The company helps organizations detect, understand, and respond to security threats in real time without disrupting normal business operations. Many products deliver security awareness. However, more than any other security application, Intellitactics’ Network Security Manager??-ž¢ software gives security teams the advanced knowledge they need to understand complex security situations quickly and respond to them effectively. More information about Intellitactics is available at

About Stonesoft Corporation Stonesoft Corporation (HEX: SFT1V) is a worldwide software company with international headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and Asia-Pacific regional headquarters in Singapore. Stonesoft provides enterprise-level network security and high availability clustering technology for companies deploying business-critical network applications on Internet and mobile servers. All of Stonesoft’s solutions are designed to Enable the Secure, Highly Available Enterprise (SM). For more information about Stonesoft and its products and services, please visit

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