Intellitactics Released Network Security Manager 3.3

New innovation in security management software helps global businesses protect against cyber attacks

Intellitactics Releases Network Security Manager v3.3, a new paradigm in the ongoing struggle to protect against cyber attacks.

Kitchener, Ontario – November 26, 2001 – As businesses boost vigilance against cyber attacks, security teams are being faced with growing network complexity, massive amounts of uncorrelated security data, and increasingly sophisticated attackers. The shortage of security experts in many organizations also means that individuals responsible for corporate security are being forced to find faster, simpler, and more effective ways of understanding when attacks are occurring, where they are occurring, the nature of those threats, and what they mean to their business.

According to John Sop, Chief Executive Officer of Intellitactics Inc., a leader in Enterprise Security Management (ESM), Intellitactics’ Network Security Managerâ„? 3.3 is the solution for simplifying enterprise security management, clarifying complex security data, and providing an advanced level of security understanding.

“NSM offers a refreshingly easy approach to cutting through complicated security data and making your security team more effective,” says Sop. “With NSM, information is displayed graphically so your staff can stop getting bogged down with deciphering pages of cluttered data and start focusing on responding immediately and effectively to potential breaches.”

Understanding Through Next Generation Correlation & Visual Analysis

Network Security Managerâ„? 3.3 understands the security data produced by hundreds of devices and applications, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, virus detectors, activity logs, routers, switches, and servers. It looks for patterns of suspicious activity, identifies both internal and external threats, and analyzes the security implications of those threats using an advanced real-time correlation system. NSM also helps your staff see clearly which threats are the most likely and the most dangerous.

“One thing that sets us apart is that we have spent over 20 person years teaching NSM how to understand the nature of security events,” says Paul Sop, Intellitactics’ President & Chief Technology Officer. “No other security product on the market can match the level of useful information NSM provides. Through our common sense approach to enterprise security, NSM can drastically lower reaction time to complex attack patterns – a once impossible feat.”

A Director of Security Operations at a major MSSP agrees Intellitactics’ Network Security Managerâ„? 3.3 software is the ideal solution for gaining an advanced level of security understanding.

“We tried several security applications, but they were extremely costly and didn’t solve our problem. NSM’s graphical visualization engine allows us to see security events unfold in real-time, giving us the ability to quickly determine the source and type of attack. NSM also normalizes, prioritizes, and correlates data, giving us the tools to make sense of security events and add real value to our customers.”


About Intellitactics, Inc.

Intellitactics is a leading software company specializing in Enterprise Security Management (ESM). The company helps organizations detect, understand, and respond to security threats in real time without disrupting normal business operations. Many products deliver security awareness. However, more than any other security application, Intellitactics’ Network Security Manager?” software gives security teams the advanced knowledge they need to understand complex security situations quickly and respond to them effectively. More information about Intellitactics is available at

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