Ipswitch, Inc. Unveils All-In-One Anti-Virus Messaging Solution for Security Sensitive Corporate Environments

LEXINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 27, 2001–

Maker of leading IMail Server launches powerful, fully-integrated anti-virus e-mail product powered by Symantec’s CarrierScan(TM) Server

Ipswitch, Inc., a leading supplier of Internet productivity software, today announced the release of IMail Anti-Virus, its new anti-virus e-mail product powered by Symantec, a world leader in Internet security. Fully integrated with IMail Server and Symantec’s CarrierScan(TM) Server, IMail Anti-Virus provides administrators with a powerful all-in-one anti-virus solution that is easy to install and use. Specifically configured to work with IMail Server, IMail Anti-Virus protects end-users’ e-mail from dangerous viruses.

“IMail Anti-Virus is essential to protect businesses’ e-mail systems and networks from crippling viruses,” said Roger C. Greene, president of Ipswitch, Inc. “Now, administrators immediately have powerful anti-virus protection with an easy-to-use and inexpensive e-mail server in one simple installation. Symantec’s power coupled with IMail Server’s ease-of-use make IMail Anti-Virus an extremely versatile and affordable messaging solution for companies of all sizes.”

IMail Anti-Virus is installed at the server level and scans e-mail messages as they come into the server and does not require installation of an agent on end-users’ computers. Once IMail Anti-Virus has identified an e-mail message as potentially having a virus, an administrator can choose among several options to address the issue:

— Remove a virus from an e-mail or attachment if a cure is available and then forward the message to its original recipient;

— Bounce the message back to sender;

— Forward an infected e-mail message to an administrator who can determine a course of action; or

— Delete infected messages altogether.

IMail Anti-Virus will also notify an administrator by e-mail when a virus is detected.

“Symantec’s CarrierScan(TM) Server will provide Ipswitch with high performing, scalable and reliable anti-virus protection,” said Gary Warren, senior vice president, product development at Symantec. “Symantec is pleased to integrate its leading anti-virus protection to help ensure Ipswitch clients receive the best possible protection against email borne viruses.”

Symantec CarrierScan(TM) Server 2.1 provides high-performance, scalable virus scanning and repair services for Web-based file transactions and content storage and delivery systems. Employing Symantec’s award-winning anti-virus technologies, CarrierScan is designed for scalability, performance and reliability.

Price and availability

IMail Anti-Virus comes with all product updates, service and support and virus signature updates for one year. IMail Anti-Virus is available for a U.S. list price of $1,340 for the 250-user version or $1,995 combined with IMail Server, $3,440 for the 1,000-user version or $4,395 combined with IMail Server, and $6,740 for the unlimited version or $7,850 combined with IMail Server. IMail Server customers that have a service agreement will receive a discount because of the redundancy in benefits.

Founded in 1991, Ipswitch develops Windows-based software products for the Internet and corporate intranets. Its product family includes WS_FTP Pro, the world’s most popular FTP client; WS_FTP Server, the first industrial-strength, full-featured FTP server for Windows NT/2000; WhatsUp Gold, a leading network management tool; IMail Server, an Internet messaging server for small to medium-size companies and ISPs; and WS_ Ping ProPack, a utility suite for the Internet and intranets – all designed for today’s mission-critical business communications. Ipswitch products set new standards for functionality, performance, reliability and interoperability, while providing the foundation for corporate internetworking solutions, and are available directly from Ipswitch and through distributors, resellers and OEMs.

For product and sales information, contact Ipswitch, Inc. at 81 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts, via telephone (781) 676-5700, fax (781) 676-5710, or e-mail at info@ipswitch.com; or visit the Ipswitch Web site at http://www.ipswitch.com.

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