Kaspersky Anti-Virus Localized for Europan Countries

20 December 2001

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Now Speaks French, Spanish, German and Italian Localized versions are now available in the Kaspersky Labs Internet store

Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software-development company, announces that its flagship, award-winning suite, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, is now available in four of the world’s most widespread languages: French, Spanish, German and Italian. The localized versions of the software are now available for purchase in European retail shops as well as at Kaspersky Labs’ Internet store.

“Obviously, a user would prefer a program to be available in his native language. The localizations of the latest Kaspersky Anti-Virus versions allow our customers to make working with our anti-virus product more comfortable and attract enquiries from different countries,” commented Kirill Buzukov, International Distribution Director at Kaspersky Labs.

According to the latest information, Spanish is the native language of around 300 million people; more that 110 million people speak French as a first language; around 100 million people call German their native language; and 70 million call Italian their native language. These figures confirm that taking the step to provide a local Kaspersky Anti-Virus product for users is correct, giving the chance to tap into half a million potential users for new clients.

At the same time as perfecting Kaspersky Anti-Virus to meet consumer needs, we here at Kaspersky Labs are also continuing to develop existing sales channels while laying the groundwork for new ones. Our partnership with the largest players on the retail market – WSKA, Softline, and Questar – has allowed us to make available the Kaspersky Anti-Virus box version in many European countries. Now, this traditional sales means has been fortified by making local versions of our anti-virus available via the Internet at the Kaspersky Labs Internet store and through our affiliate partner companies. “Making our anti-virus software available to end users is one of the best ways of assuring the projects commercial success,” added Mr. Buzukov.

In addition to French, Spanish, German, and Italian versions, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is also available in English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech and Icelandic.

Best Regards, Denis Zenkin

Head of Corporate Communications

Kaspersky Lab Ltd

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