Kaspersky Labs Partners with ITamigo and Join Efforts in the U.S. Market

Kaspersky Labs and ITamigo Provide Customers with the First Kaspersky Anti-Virus Based Email and Desktop Virus Protection Appliance Available in the U.S. Marketplace.

Cambridge, United Kingdom. (November 5, 2001) Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software developer, today announced a partnership with ITamigo (www.itamigo.com), developer of managed Internet security services, to deliver the first Kasperskyâ„? Anti-Virus based, Internet security appliance for customers in the U.S. market.

Kaspersky Labs’ software for Linux is based on the world’s best anti-virus engine. Its excellence is illustrated by the number of awards and certificates received from many IT magazines and research establishments from all over the world. The program searches for viruses in boot sectors, files (including archived and packed), e-mail and objects downloaded from the Internet.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux offers a full set of anti-virus technologies for a comprehensive protection of Linux-based nodes including file and application servers, email gateways and workstations. The software includes on-demand virus scanner, on-access virus scanner, anti-virus daemon, web-based management system, anti-virus database updater and ready-made solution for integration of a centralized virus filtering into Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix and Exim email gateways operating under Linux.

ITamigo VP of technology, Omer Komili, stated “Since ITamigo’s proprietary managed firewall system is based on a hardened Linux kernel, and because of Kaspersky Anti-Virus’ ability to provide best-in-class protection for the Linux operating system, the partnership is a perfect fit. The ability to scan email attachments passing through the email server as well as each employee’s local removable media and downloaded files results in a comprehensive virus protection system.”

“We are very pleased to announce the partnership with ITamigo, which will bring the US customers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for the best-of-breed protection of the networks against attacks of malicious code of any type,” commented Vladimir Chernavsky, CEO for Kaspersky Lab Customized Solutions, a US subsidiary of Kaspersky Labs Int.

This strategic partnership brings ITamigo customers a complete, end-to-end firewall and virus protection service for small to midsize workgroups and enterprises. With the addition of the Kaspersky Labs’ email and desktop virus software, ITamigo customers enjoy the benefits of a robust, fully managed security service and can focus on their core competencies while feeling assured that their network is safe and secure.

ITamigo customers range from SOHO users to businesses with up to 100 users and more. Business owners of small companies see tremendous value in paying a modest monthly fee to know that their firewall and virus software is continuously monitored and updated.

I.T. directors and managers are realizing the incredible cost savings and technical benefits of ITamigo’s complete Internet security services, that also include up to 128-bit encryption for built-in features such as VPN and remote control, for secure access to their company computers and networks from any web browser.

About Kaspersky Labs

Kaspersky Labs Int. is a fast growing privately owned data-security software development company with offices in Moscow (Russia), Cambridge (United Kingdom) and Pleasanton (United States). Founded in 1997, the company concentrates its efforts on the development of world-leading data-security technologies and software. The company’s flagship software product is Kaspersky Anti-Virus that provides comprehensive virus protection for a wide spectrum of customers from home users to enterprise-wide networks (Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell NetWare, OS/2, MS Exchange Server, Lotus Notes/Domino, Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix, Exim, CVP-compatible firewalls, Web-servers). Kaspersky Labs markets, distributes and supports its software and services in more than 50 countries worldwide.

About ITamigo

ITamigo offers a patent pending end-to-end Internet security solution for small to midsize enterprises looking for a more cost effective and comprehensive network security solution. Features include a firewall with Intruder Detection System, email and desktop virus scrubbing, virtual private networking, Internet content filtering and usage controls, and remote PC access, all through one fully integrated system. ITamigo provides this service for a monthly service fee, which includes ongoing product updates and upgrades, customer support, and the latest in hacker and virus protection. With these services, companies are able to dramatically reduce I.T. spending on firewall management, updates, licenses, and hardware purchases, and eliminate the need for multiple vendors. ITamigo is headquartered in Irvine, CA. For more information, contact ITamigo at 1-800-443-8445 or visit the company Web site at http://www.itamigo.com

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