Kyberpass Announces Support for Project Eleanor

New plug-ins for the Identrus System to introduce secure, direct business-to-business payments on the Internet

OTTAWA – March 7, 2002 – Kyberpass® Corporation, a leading provider of e-security software for trusted e-business, today announced the launch of the Kyberpass Eleanor Plug-ins for the Identrus System in response to Project Eleanor. Commissioned by the Identrus Project Eleanor group, a consortium of 15 Identrus member financial institutions, Project Eleanor was created to answer the need for a widely accepted payment standard in B2B e-Commerce. Built according to Eleanor specifications, Kyberpass Eleanor Plug-ins for the Identrus System brings the convenience of trusted payment automation to B2B e-Commerce, allowing organizations to perform end-to-end transactions in real-time, with flexible payment arrangements and conditions that can be guaranteed.

Kyberpass demonstrated its Eleanor Plug-ins for the Identrus system to several Identrus financial institutions at the RSA Conference held recently in San Jose, California.

Business-to-business e-commerce is projected to grow to US$2.8 trillion by 2005, according to IDC, but the Internet has so far failed to meet its true potential. While many companies surf the web to investigate products and services, and often order goods, they usually go offline to make payments, reintroducing the inefficiencies of traditional paper-based commerce. Project Eleanor, a global e-payments solution from Identrus, offers businesses the certainty of the paper-based world and the efficiency of online processing for goods and services worth billions of dollars.

“Project Eleanor is dramatically reshaping the global payment process to meet the needs of B2B buyers, sellers and third parties to quickly settle trusted transactions in real-time over the Internet,” said Thomas Nolan, president and CEO of Kyberpass. “We are very pleased to be delivering our best-in-class Eleanor Plug-ins to Identrus financial institutions around the world. The payments market is a critical part of Kyberpass’ Identrus strategy and along with our e-Transaction TrustPlatform, represents the best choice for open, scalable and reliable PKI-based Internet e-commerce solutions for the Identrus system.”

Kyberpass Eleanor Plug-ins leverage the Kyberpass e-Transaction TrustPlatform for the Identrus System, the only suite of fully integrated Identrus Compliant and Identrus Ready software products.

How it Works

Project Eleanor includes six B2B e-payment options, including payment orders and, obligations. Trading partners will have pre-established instructions with their banks for payment authorization, routing and settlement.

Eleanor Payments integrate within the Identrus four-corner trust model through two basic components:

1. A component used by financial institutions to cooperate with an existing Identrus Transaction Coordinator; and

2. A component for customers that need to communicate with their financial institutions using Eleanor schemas.

Kyberpass provides both components as plug-ins that seamlessly integrate within the Kyberpass TrustPlatform architecture. These are provided alongside the Kyberpass Transaction Coordinator and Kyberpass Trust Services Gateway that include a digital signature messaging systems (DSMS) that can also support hosting. Kyberpass also provides:

· An interface used to integrate existing applications within this infrastructure; and

· A highly customizable Eleanor logging service.

As with all Kyberpass Identrus components, integration with existing back-end systems is straightforward using well-documented interfaces.

“From anywhere in the world a user with an Identrus Global ID will be able to click on a payment button and settle a transaction in real-time with built-in PKI security,” said Dave Oshman, senior vice president of technology at Identrus. “As a leader in PKI-based e-Commerce systems, Kyberpass is once again demonstrating its commitment to the success of the Identrus system and our participating financial institutions. The introduction of their Eleanor Payments Plug-ins builds on Kyberpass’ impressive track record of delivering Identrus Ready and Identrus Compliant products that integrate easily with both web and legacy applications.”


The Kyberpass Eleanor Plug-ins for the Identrus System will be available in Q2 2002 on both Windows and Unix platforms. Financial institutions interested in pilots with Kyberpass should contact

About Kyberpass Corporation

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