McAfee Internet Guard Dog Praised by Congress as Best Filtering Software For File-Sharing Programs

Internet Guard Dog Recognized as the Only Filtering Software to Protect Children From Online Dangers Through Internet File-Sharing Programs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ — McAfee Consumer Products, a division of Network Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: NETA), today announced that its Internet Guard Dog software has been highlighted in a congressional report as the best Internet filtering software for blocking file-swapping programs that allow children access to questionable web sites. Conducted on behalf of the offices of U.S. Representatives Henry A. Waxman and Steve Largent, the report examines the growing threat of Internet file-sharing programs and their potential for exposing children to free, pornographic material on the Internet. McAfee’s Internet Guard Dog software has been declared the best and the only content-filtering tool that blocks access to Napster-like programs, thus preventing children from accessing inappropriate material. In the report, Internet Guard Dog topped competitors such as Symantec’s Norton Internet Security 2001, Net Nanny, Cyber Patrol, Cyber Sitter and America Online Parental Controls. A copy of the congressional report can be found online at .

“Being selected as the best content-filtering software by the House’s committee on Government Reform underscores the importance of McAfee’s role in protecting the privacy and security of today’s online user,” said Diane Seghposs, vice president, McAfee Consumer Products division. “As file-sharing programs and peer-to-peer networks grow in popularity among consumers, McAfee is ahead of the curve in providing more comprehensive protection against the dangers and security risks these programs may pose to children.”

Praised as the best content-filtering software available to protect children online, the congressional report concludes that, “only one parental control program, Internet Guard Dog, completely blocked access to file-sharing programs under its default setting.” The report highlights that McAfee Internet Guard Dog easily allows parents to configure the software in a way that effectively blocks the use of file-sharing programs to access pornography and other harmful material on the web. With Internet Guard Dog, parents are given the utmost control over what their children can or cannot access and download. Internet Guard Dog software enables parents to prevent their child from visiting questionable websites, and prevents ads, cookies, hostile programs and viruses from invading their PCs.

McAfee Internet Guard Dog software provides a comprehensive set of customizable Internet privacy and security features including web filtering, cookie blocking, and full anti-virus software protection. By blocking and erasing information-transmitting cookies and web surfing trails, Internet Guard Dog technology protects consumers from prying eyes and unwanted marketing promotions. The web filtering features scan inbound and outbound messages for unwanted or inappropriate subject matter, while restrictions can be set for each individual user. Additionally, PGP 128-bit encryption technology secures confidential data stored on the personal computer.

Pricing and Availability

McAfee Internet Guard Dog software is available at retailers nationwide for an estimated street price of $39.00. McAfee Internet Guard Dog Pro software, which features a personal firewall component, McAfee Firewall, is available at retailers nationwide for an estimated street price of $49.00.

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