Unveils Personal Firewall Incorporating Advanced Intrusion Detection and Visual Trace Capabilities

Personal Firewall Debut at Fall COMDEX 2001 to Showcase Integration, Hacker Database Features and Windows XP Compatibility

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ — (Nasdaq: MCAF), a leading provider of Web security services, today announced the next-generation of the Personal Firewall (MPF), which will incorporate advanced intrusion detection, a graphical trace utility and will be compatible with the new Windows XP operating system. This newly redesigned service will give consumers and businesses robust, state-of-the-art and up-to-date protection for their Internet connections from hackers, intruders and other unwanted network traffic.

Improving on the company’s high-quality anti-hacker architecture, has added several new features to the personal firewall. The first addition, an advanced intrusion detection feature, is designed to give MPF users the ability to identify and analyze unusual network traffic trying to circumvent the user’s firewall. This value-added feature allows users to collect information on intercepted hacker attacks and other suspicious network activity such as who is attacking, what type of attack is being used and how many times it is being used.

Complementing the intrusion detection feature is a graphical trace utility, designed to give MPF users the ability to trace incoming traffic and potential attacks and obtain specific information such as the network used by potential culprits and the geographical location of their computers. Using this information, the utility maps the route from the user’s computer to the culprit’s computer and all connecting nodes through a world map view. By revealing this information, users have a powerful tool to help discourage hackers, crackers and Trojan horse and worm writers from attempting to take control of the user’s PC.

The new firewall will be closely integrated with, one of the world’s largest databases of hacker activities and rogue network traffic and’s latest Web site asset. Using the information collected from the firewall’s intrusion detection and trace features, this database will provide a clear and accurate depiction of hacker and rogue network activity. This information may assist law-enforcement agencies and other third-party organizations working to curb these types of activities. The new site also features a set of self-testing and diagnostic tools designed to fully test the effectiveness of a user’s firewall.

“We strongly believe in an integrated security solution for consumers and small businesses,” said Atri Chatterjee, vice-president, worldwide marketing, “Our next generation firewall complements our latest anti-virus services to provide users with an easy-to-use, yet powerful protection system that proactively monitors and guards their home or small office network.”’s next-generation Personal Firewall will be available to the public in the New Year at $29.95 (USD) and a Pro version will be available at $39.95 (USD). For more information please visit,

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